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What is Maple sap?

Maple sap, also known as maple water, is maple syrup before it’s been boiled and concentrated. The sap in all maple trees allows the trees to protect themselves from injury—and is created in abundant quantities. Tapped raw from maple trees during a period of just two to three weeks per year, maple sap is golden, subtly sweet, and filled with nutrients. As they continue to study it, scientists are revealing more and more items to the growing list of benefits.

drop of maple sap
maple leaf

Maple sap's Goodness

Our Maple Sap is harvested from maple trees in natural forests in Quebec and meticulously selected by Cidatelle, a Canadian cooperative with 2000 maple syrup producers established in 1925. Committed to fairness in its dealings with members and customers, the Cooperative respects the principles of sustainable development and is Fair For Life certified.

Keeping Maple Trres Healthy

"The chemical compounds of Maple sap continue to be analyzed. Among them, amino acids and minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Maple sap – the natural golden elixir that keeps maple trees healthy even in the coldest Canadian winters."

layers of maple leaf