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Over the years, at Garnier, we have been working on ways we can reduce our impact on the environment: from ingredients sourcing to manufacturing and end-of-life of our products.

Our Global Commitments​



Since March 2021, Garnier is officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme.


Currently 99% of Garnier ingredients are vegan which means they do not contain ingredients derived from animal ingredients or by-products.


Solidarity Sourcing and Responsible Sourcing

Since 2008, Garnier has been committed to Solidarity Sourcing programs which include the aim of working with more companies or suppliers that employ people from vulnerable communities. For example, since 2014 Garnier has sourced 100% of its shea butter from Burkina Faso and has supported the L’Oréal Group’s shea nut solidarity sourcing programme to help empower women and reduce energy poverty. Our current sourcing programme helps deliver fair prices (with fair trade certification) and incomes to women in a season when there is no other source of revenue, as well as pre-financing crops during the period of the year when grain stores are empty. It also provides training and technical assistance on best practices for harvesting. 

Another example is our responsibly sourced aloe vera from Mexico where our solidarity sourcing project has been implemented in 2019, in collaboration with Pronatura and MexiAloe. The objectives of the project are: introducing organic aloe cultivation, implementing fair trade principles to help create value from aloe production and encourage farmers to join the project by fixing a minimum and fair price and grouping producers into cooperatives, raising awareness among the community to preserve the surrounding forest and natural areas through workshops.

Nature is our science​

At Garnier, we believe science derived from nature is the future of beauty for all of us. We cultivate natural origin ingredients like corn from which we extract our 10% pure natural-origin Vitamin C in our Vitamin C Night Serum. 

We create formulas powered by science for maximum efficacy. 



We are aiming for 100% recycled plastic packaging (labels excepted) for all our Garnier products globally by 2030. We've already come a long way! In 2019, only a few of Garnier's franchises were using recycled plastic in their packaging, like Ambre Solaire or Garnier Organic, and only in the US and Europe. 

By 2030 we aim not to use any virgin plastic in our products' packaging globally. We would instead use plastic from recycled sources – in that way, we aim to not generate new plastic that would be created for our products' packaging.

Actions to Fight Plastic Pollution​

Garnier partnered with Plastics for Change and Oceans Conservancy to take more actions with partners to fight plastic pollution by supporting scrap worker and waste collectors in India with Plastic for Change and supporting beach clean ups across the world through Ocean Conservancy.