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How Micelles Work

What is Micellar Water?

It is called Micellar as it contains micelles, which are tiny ball-shaped clusters. These are made of molecules of oil called surfactants. Surfactants have two ends: an oil-loving head and a water-loving tail. Once they meet the other oils on your face, they draw them up like a magnet.

How Does it Work?
The makeup and dirt from your face will be transferred onto your Reusable Pad, leaving you looking and feeling clean and clear.

Garnier proudly supports Just Like Us

From the 17th April – 24th July, our classic 400ml Micellar is proudly supporting Just Like Us, a charity organisation who works to support schools and empower young people within the LGBT+ community nationwide.

Garnier is donating £50,000* to Just Like Us, to support School Diversity Week, the UK-wide celebration of LGBT+ equality for young people.

*10p from every Limited Edition *Micellar Water (400ml) sold, up to a maximum of £50,000, will be donated to Just Like Us (Charity number: 1165194).


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Garnier Micellar Reusable Make-up Remover Pads

Looking for an effective yet gentle way of removing make-up and cleansing skin in one easy step?

Garnier's first ultra-soft, reusable micro-fibre Pads are the perfect sustainable alternative to cotton pads, for the ultimate make-up removal and cleansing action. Pair with a Micellar Water of your choice to gently lift make-up and dirt from the skin to leave it free of impurities and make-up to reveal skin's natural glow.


Don’t forget to wear SPF!

Remember to complete your daily skin care routine by applying SPF to protect the skin from UVB, UVA and Long UVA. Discover the Ambre Solaire Super UV range specifically developed for the sensitive face area and formulated to protect all skin tones. Choose your face SPF product here.

Super UV Ecomm Packs

You’re one selfie away from glowing skin

Take a selfie to scan your face and get a personalised routine for your skin type and needs based on the 5 signs of healthy skin below. 

20 years of research and a database of 15,000 faces power our patented AI so you can unlock your glow with a single selfie. Powerful technology, easy to use, for personalised results based on your skin.


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