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Colour 101

Garnier are here to help make colouring your hair at home easy. This page includes step by step guides, videos and helpful articles from bleaching to finding your perfect colour. Follow our three steps below for everything you need to know. 

Our virtual services are here to support you. Take our Color Match quiz to discover which shade could be right for you. Use Virtual Try On to try on a prospective shade to see how it suits you. Click on the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to connect with our Garnier Ambassadors; real people offering advice and experience. 



Use our Color Match quiz to narrow down your perfect shade


Use our Virtual Try On tool to make sure shade suits you


All the at home guides and resources you will need

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Where to begin? So many exciting shades to try! To get started, our Color Match tool can help you narrow down the perfect shade for you. Already have your shade in mind? Great! Let’s keep moving. 

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Got your shade? Want to try before your dye? Our virtual try on tool can help you to ensure this is a perfect fit for you. Find a list of shades below, click to try on. For the best experience, try on mobile.  


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IMPORTANT: Like how this shade looks on you? Make sure it works on your hair. Take our 1-minute hair colour quiz to be certain.


It is important to ensure the shade you have chosen is absolutely right for your hair type. We recommend only going one or two levels up, or down. 

Choose a shade which is close to the one you have currently. Hair dye cannot lighten previously coloured hair, therefore if you are trying to go lighter you will need to bleach.

See our helpful chart below or speak to our advisors for more personalised information. 


Follow these simple steps to find your perfect shade. 

1. Decide how light or dark you want your hair colour to be. 

2. Decide what type of reflect you want in the shade cool, warm or no reflect. 


When choosing your hair colour make sure you don't pick a shade that is more than 2 levels from your natural base colour. 



The first number of a shade always relates to the base colour. The higher the number, the lighter the base colour will be e.g. 1.0 is deep black and 9.0 is a light blonde. 



The second number of the shade is always related to the reflect. The higher the number is, the warmer the reflect will be e.g. 1.0 is a deep black with no reflect and 4.5 is a light brown with a warm reflect. 

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We have a range of resources designed to help take the stress out of colouring your hair. Choose from the videos and articles below or view our top FAQs below.


Be Colour Safe


Please visit follow the link below for more information or watch our how to perform a patch test video below.

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How do I choose a shade that will suit me best?

Avoid anything more than two shades darker or lighter than your current colour. If your hair is already coloured, we recommend you go darker as it’s difficult to lighten coloured hair. If you want to go lighter, you may have to bleach first. If your skin’s warm or olive in tone, try a warmer hair colour. Cool and rose complexions work well with cooler shades. Try our Virtual Try On Tool to test shades on you. Also, make sure the colour you try on works on your hair. Take our 1-minute hair colour quiz with Color Match to be certain.

How many tones can I lighten my hair?

Olia, Nutrisse and Belle hair colour all allow 1-2 levels of lightening between shades 1 (black) to 7 (dark blonde) and 2-3 levels for the shades 8.0 (blonde) to 10 (very light blonde). For example, if your hair colour is a 7 - dark blonde - you can lighten your hair up to 1-2 levels. And from a natural 8 - medium blonde - you can lighten it 2-3 levels. If you want to lighten your hair more than this, you will have to use a Nutrisse or Olia bleach first! Try our Virtual Try On Tool.

What do the shade numbers mean?

Like all Garnier shades, the Olia and Nutrisse ranges are labelled according to a base number (between 1 and 10) followed by one or two reflect numbers after the decimal point (between 1 and 6). For base colours, 1 is black and 10 is a very light blonde; for reflects 1 is ash and 6 is red. For example: A 4.3 colour denotes a brown base colour with a .3 gold / warm reflect. For help finding your perfect shade, try our Color Match tool and our Virtual try on tool

How long does hair colour last and will it work on grey hair?

Nutrisse and Olia are permanent hair colour brands and so we advised to apply it every 6 - 8 weeks, or when your roots start growing through. All Garnier brands will provide up to 100% grey coverage for between 6-8 weeks, but your root growth may occur sooner. Using box dye to touch up on grey roots is also an option. Remember - If you have resistant greys or resistant roots, leave the colour on for an extra 5 - 10 minutes.

My hair is already coloured, can I still use Garnier Colourants?

It is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks before re-applying colour to your hair. For already coloured hair, you can use Nutrisse or Olia in 2 ways:

Choose a shade which is close to the one you have currently. Hair dye cannot lighten previously coloured hair, therefore if you are trying to go lighter, you will need to bleach.

If your roots are starting to show, you can use our box dye to re-touch our roots. Watch Holly’s guide to re-touching roots Here.


How should I use Nutrisse or Olia Hair colour?

You must always read the instruction leaflet in the box. You can also use our Olia step by step tool or watch the how to video on YouTube –Nutrisse , Olia. Before you apply the product, please remember: You must do a skin allergy test without fail 48 hours before each use. For a full guide please use the instruction leaflet or watch out YouTube video here.

What if only my roots need colouring?

You may need to vary the development time throughout your hair. Follow the instructions leaflet for timings and application techniques, use our step by step tool from Olia or watch our YouTube Video on easy Root Touch-Up. 

What if the colouration goes wrong?

If your colouration does go wrong, please get in touch with our customer service team on the following number - UKI: 0800 085 4376 or visit to submit a contact form or use our live chat service.

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