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Step into the Garnier Virtual Space, where you can have fun trying new shades, learn how to apply hair colour with confidence, explore our brand range designed to help you reach your hair colour goals, and much more!

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Immerse yourself in Garnier Color Home

Garnier Color Home's goal is to ensure you get a great hair colour journey, boosting your confidence at every step. Seamlessly try on various hair colours, uncover the secrets of our colour formulas, master easy grey root retouch or full colour application, and more.

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All under one roof

  • Get personalized tips and tricks from industry experts to ensure the best colour result.
  • Explore & learn more about what is inside Garnier hair colour brands.
  • Have fun trying on your next hair colour, thanks to our Virtual Try On option.

Rooms fitting your every need

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Meet Clara: Our Hair Colour Expert

  • Go on the grand tour of Garnier Color Home.
  • Upskill yourself with her expert tips to help you attain your hair colour goal.
  • Learn how to apply hair colour like a pro.

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It’s time to have fun trying new shades, discover how to get the best hair colour results, and most of all, learn how to colour with confidence!

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