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Coconut oil is pure pleasure

Coconut oil, which comes from the coconut, is obtained by extracting and then refining the white pulp that coats the inside of the nut, called copra.

Our sources of supply are coconut trees grown in South East Asia, mainly in the Philippines and Indonesia. We also have a small portion of our oil coming from Kenya. 

As with all our raw materials, we aim to ensure that all our coconut oil comes from a sustainable source. To do so, we are working with our suppliers in order to obtain external sustainable sourcing certifications like SAN by Rainforest Alliance to cover 100% of our volumes by end of 2021, enabling to guarantee decent and safe work for farmers and to preserve biodiversity.

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Polynesian women know

In places in the world where coconut naturally thrives, like Polynesia, coconut oil has a long tradition of use for hair and skin.