Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Ultimate Blends Maple Healer Body Lotion

Our new intense repairer & healer lotion is tailor-made to relieve dry and rough skin, it combines castor oil and maple sap in an ultra-caring formula.


Product information

In our new Intense Repairer Lotion tailor-made to relieve dry and rough skin, Garnier Ultimate Blends lotion combines two highly treasured ingredients in an ultra-caring formula.
- Castor Oil is incredibly rich in nourishing fatty acids, known for its soothing properties.
- Maple Sap, a vitality from the Maple tree is known for its intense restorative powers. The delicious scent combines in a rich and creamy texture, forming a light protective layer on the skin.
Result: dry and rough skin feels nourished and softness is restored day after day.