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Your Lockdown Hair Questions Answered

Get the lowdown on your lockdown hair questions from Garnier, including how often you should wash your hair, the best home hair dyes and right hair treatments for you. Discover more!

With lockdown dragging on… and on… and on, we’re sure you’re itching for a salon treatment. But in this brave new socially distanced world, many people are relying on home hair treatment to sort out their lockdown locks. However, for those of us who are dependent on our stylists, it’s not always so simple. Well, you’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Find out everything you need to know about lockdown hair care with our comprehensive guide. 


No salon, no problem

Whether you’re dealing with dry hair, split ends, or worrying about completing a home hair dye, there are many potential concerns that people may have about caring for their hair at home. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. With a little extra guidance, home hair treatment is a real option, so you don’t have to wait until your salon opens up again to manage your lockdown hair effectively. 


Home hair care

Is it bad to wash your hair once a day? What are the best home remedies for dry hair? Check out our answers to some of the most vital lockdown hair questions and queries:
How often should you wash your hair? 
For most people, it’s a good idea to wash your hair once every three days. Washing your hair less frequently helps protect your hair’s natural oils. 


How can I dye my hair at home? 

Home hair dyes aren’t rocket science – but sometimes it can definitely feel like it! If you want to know how to dye hair at home, it’s very simple. First off, get the pre-dye care part right. That means ensuring that your hair is in good condition, while you may also wish to consider getting a hot oil hair treatment around three days before you get started with your home hair dye. Be sure to follow the instructions on the box. For a little more information on how to colour hair at home, check out our helpful guide. 


What’s the best way to get rid of grey hair? 

Interested to know how to get rid of grey hair? Going grey is a natural process, but if you like your hair to have colour, there are plenty of different home remedies that you can try. Learn how to dye hair at home with Nutrisse that covers up to 100% of grey hairs.

I’ve got a dry scalp at home!

There are lots of hair care products that are designed specifically for treating dry, flaky scalps. For anyone who wants to relieve their dry scalp at home, consider using a shampoo and conditioner system that’s been formulated to help with dry, sensitive scalps, and also minimise your stress levels as much as possible. 


How do I prevent split ends? 

Learning how to get rid of split ends is relatively simple. Basically, you need to focus your shampoo on the roots and the conditioner on the ends. Plus, when you’re brushing your hair, make sure you’re not too rough – just slide the comb through your hair. For anyone who wants to know how to prevent split ends, one of the benefits of lockdown is the limited access to heated hair styling tools, which are one of the main causes of split ends. 


What are the best home remedies for dry hair? 

Whether your scalp isn’t producing enough natural oils or you’re overdoing it with heat, perms and relaxers, it’s relatively easy to damage your hair cuticles and end up with dull or dry hair. Thankfully, there are plenty of home remedies for dry hair. Hair oils can be the perfect solution. Garnier has a wide selection of hair oils for dry hair that you may want to explore. 
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