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What is my skin type? Take our skin quiz!

Dry, oily or combination? Garnier explains how to determine your skin type. Take our skin quiz for to find your personalised skincare routine!

What is my skin type?

No matter your skin type, you need to look after it and keep to a regular skincare routine. But different skin types have different needs, so it makes sense to tailor your routine to your skin type. However, not everyone knows which skin type they have, which can make it difficult to know how to best care for their skin. “What is my skin type?” is a question many of us have asked at one time or another. Fortunately, it’s easy to understand!

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Do I have normal skin?

Normal skin is skin that feels naturally hydrated to the touch, rather than feeling dry, flaky, greasy or sticky. If your skin has a fine-pored complexion that feels elastic and isn’t uncomfortable after you wash, you probably have normal skin.

However, having a normal skin type doesn’t mean that you should rest on your laurels. It still needs to be protected and hydrated, and a regular skincare routine will help your skin to stay in good condition in the future .

Do I have oily skin?

When the skin barrier produces an excess of sebum, it can lead to oily skin – hence, oily skin tends to be greasy or shiny with pores becoming clogged easily, causing breakouts. If you’re trying to determine your skin type, keep an eye on your skin throughout your day to see if your skin gets increasingly shiny or greasy.

It can be harder to keep makeup and sunscreen on oily skin, so it can be frustrating. However, there are things you can add to your skincare routine if your skin does fit into this type. It’s worth looking for products that help to balance excess oil, while non-comedogenic products won’t clog your pores, which is always welcome for those with oily skin. Exfoliating on a regular basis can help too, as can washing with an adapted cleanser– twice a day might be a good idea. Products containing salicylic acid are great for gently exfoliating the skin, while formulas containing niacinamide, may help to even out your skin tone and manage excess oil production. For more information on how to look after oily skin, you can check out our products for oily skin.

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Do I have dry skin?

In comparison to other skin types, dry skin tends to feel flaky, tight, and dry. Dry skin has a lack of moisture and can look dull, inviting the appearance of fine lines. It’s less elastic and can itch or become sore as a result.
Dry skin is particularly vulnerable to environmental conditions and the weather, therefore keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated is important. Serums and products containing hyaluronic acid are great options for dry skin, as they help to boost moisture levels in dehydrated skin types.

Do I have combination skin?

With combination skin, there are usually two different skin types. There tends to be a T-zone around the nose and forehead that gets progressively oily throughout the day, and a mix of dry, sensitive and tight skin around the cheeks.

It can be more difficult to care for combination skin, as different parts of the skin will have different needs. However, it doesn’t need to be too tricky. For the perfect routine, just check out our products for combination skin. From Green Tea Sheet Mask  to our Micellar Cleansing Water, there are plenty of products to bring into your skincare routine when you have combination skin.

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“What is my skin type?” quiz

If you’re not sure which skin type is yours, there’s no need to worry, as our Skin Coach tool can help you out. Take our “What is my skin type?” quiz to find your personalised skincare routine based on your skin type and continue looking after your skin to the best of your abilities! Simply scan the QR code on the Skin AI Diagnostic tool to get started.