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10 Top Tips For A Gorgeous Long-Lasting Sun Tan - Sun Protection By Garnier

Learn 10 top tips for a gorgeous long-lasting Sun tan. Discover all the beauty tips and advice on Sun Protection for different types of skin, by Garnier

We all dream of cultivating a gorgeous golden sun tan that lasts and lasts. Although you might be tempted to rush, the only way forward is to relax and take your time. A gradual and natural tan is more likely to last longer, and sunburn will spoil all your tanning efforts. So avoid burning and get that dream long-lasting tan with these 10 top tips.

1. Moisturise
Hydrated skin will not only tan better but will also keep its colour for longer. Moisturise your skin twice daily to prepare your skin for the sunshine and get that long-lasting tan.

2. Avoid dry skin
Dry skin can lead to a peeling and uneven sun tan and so is effectively the enemy. Stay away from harsh products (including some soaps) to keep dry skin firmly at bay!

3. Exfoliate
If you want it to last, build up your sun tan on your newest layer of skin. Remove the outer layer of dead skin cells with regular (but soft) exfoliation.

4. Sun cream
For a long-lasting sun tan, remember the golden rule of no sunburn! You want to build up your tan slowly and evenly, so be sure to use sufficient SPF protection and reapply generously during the day.

5. And more sun cream!
A sun tan doesn’t protect your skin, so don’t stop using sunscreen once you have a tan. For that long-lasting glow, you need to carry on protecting your skin from sunburn and sun damage throughout.

6. Prior application
To make sure you dodge sunburn, apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. Your skin will be protected from the off, and you won’t get caught out!

7. Shady times
Remember, for a long-lasting tan, you need to take things slow. So don’t be afraid of chilling out in the shade for a few hours to avoid the sun between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. It’s always better to expose your skin little and often than to risk sun damage with intense all-day sessions!

8. An early start
You need to cultivate you sun tan over an extended period of time to optimise longevity. Don’t wait for the summer holidays, get some spring sunshine on your skin as soon as you can!

9. After sun
After sun lotion is a blessing when it comes to a long-lasting tan. Use directly after sun exposure to soothe the skin and inject an all-important shot of moisture.

10. Stay prepared
Protect yourself from accidental sunburn by always being prepared. You never know when you might end up in the sun, so keep sunscreen and a sun hat with you at all times!