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Discover The Benefits Of Aloe Vera In All Its Forms

Referred to as the ‘plant of immortality’, the benefits of Aloe Vera in all its forms are incredible – from your skin to your stomach. Discover more here.

Dubbed by the internet as the ‘plant of immortality’, Aloe Vera has been renowned for thousands of years as a secret elixir of nourishment and rejuvenation. But today, Aloe Vera can be found in many of our most beloved beauty products – from supplements to shampoo, it appears that the secret is out. But how exactly does this ancient miracle work? And more importantly, what are the benefits of Aloe Vera in its many forms?

Aloe Vera for your skin

For starters, Aloe Vera intensely hydrates, and is most commonly found in an oil form. Aloe Vera oil is formed by infusing aloe oil extract with a base oil, like almond or soya bean, to create an oil composite (in fact, it’s one of the strongest of its kind). This Aloe Vera oil is perfect for dry skin issues – it’s intensely hydrating and can even protect you from dryness during winter. A good cream containing Aloe Vera oil or extract is often used for a number of different skin conditions. Some people even use it as a deodorant. Finally, Aloe Vera gel is widely regarded as one of the best after sun treatments because of its cooling, soothing properties, which leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Aloe Vera in your diet

Aloe Vera is also available as a juice – with nutrients like vitamin B and C, it can ease a variety of digestive issues, including stomach pains, constipation and excess acid. You can buy aloe as an oral pill supplement too, which provides the same benefits as the juice, but is more convenient for those on the go or who just don't like the taste. Whichever way you take it, there is no doubt that this wonderful plant needs to be a part of your life. Now, go and enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera!