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What Is Double Cleansing?: A Step-by-Step Guide

Double cleansing is an age-old technique, but it’s recently been revived by beauty influencers and skincare gurus alike. In this article, we explore the benefits of double cleansing, the difference it can make to your skincare routine and how you can choose the cleansers that best work together for your skin type. We’ll also give you a step-by-step guide on how to use cleanser to make it an easy addition to your evening ritual.

Read on to learn how to wash your face to help eliminate impurities and remove excess oil to help avoid clogged pores, all without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is exactly what it sounds like – cleansing your face twice for a more thorough skincare routine. The first cleanse helps to remove dirt and debris that can build up throughout the day or overnight, while the second gets straight to your skin’s surface. If you’re a make-up-wearer or often outdoors, this method can be particularly useful to make sure your skin gets the full benefit of your products.

While double cleansing is growing in popularity across the world (and the internet), it has its roots in Korean beauty routines. Traditionally, the Korean double cleansing method recommends starting with an oil-based cleanser and following up with a water-based cleanser to hydrate and rebalance the skin. However, different skin types will respond to different solutions, so it's important to explore which types of cleansers are best for you. For example, those with oily skin types might benefit from salicylic acid formulas, while drier skin types might need more emollients to help lock in moisture.

How to double cleanse

First, a quick refresher on how to use cleanser more generally.

Start by dampening your face with lukewarm water before working a small amount of facial cleanser between your hands. Gently massage it into your skin, primarily using your fingertips and moving in circular motions. Cover the full face but make sure to be extra careful around your eyes. Once finished, splash a little warm water on your face to rinse the cleanser off and pat dry with a clean face cloth.

Now, let's think more specifically about how to double up. Double cleansing is, naturally, a two-step process:

1) We recommend starting with micellar water for an easy and effective base. You may be familiar with micellar water as a coveted makeup removal, but it's much more than that! This powerful product contains oil molecules that specifically target oil-soluble impurities such as residue make-up and sunscreen. This helps leave a clear surface for when you move on to the second step.


2) Apply a second cleanser chosen to suit your skin type. We love a foaming cleanser to leave skin feeling sparkly-clean and purified! Use the same technique and ensure your skin is still damp before applying your second cleanser. If you’re looking for added moisture, try Garnier’s Gentle Hydrating Deep Cleanser. A formula containing HA, ceremides and clay helps skin feel hydrated and helps to protect the skin barrier and prevent water loss. It helps remove excess sebum and impurities from the pores. For an everyday glow, try Garner’s Vitamin C Brightening Cream Cleanser. The formula enhances your skin’s natural radiance while glycerin is a humectant that deeply hydrates.


While you can cleanse morning and night, you don’t need to double cleanse twice a day. If you're choosing one time of day to add it in, prioritise your nighttime skincare routine, when you’re removing debris and impurities built up throughout the day.

Should you double cleanse?

Wondering if double cleansing is necessary for you? Double cleansing is ideal for anyone who regularly wears makeup or who is outside all day and often reapplying sunscreen. Double cleansing takes away excess debris first and helps combat the impact of everyday impurities.

However, double cleansing can be beneficial to anyone who is looking to give their skin a little extra TLC. The first step of the routine helps clear the way for your second cleanser so it doesn’t have to work through layers and can give you a more thorough cleanse and a refreshed feeling.

Double cleansing also means you can opt to use two gentle formulas rather than a single, stronger option. This is ideal for those with sensitive skin or people prone to blemishes. It can help remove bacteria and build-up without harsh impacts.

Ultimately, the key to a good double cleansing routine is to find the formulas and the steps that work best for you. And that goes for your full skincare routine; following up a thorough cleanse with a good toner, serum and moisturiser can make all the difference in seeing satisfying results. Explore our range of cleansers to find the perfect pairing to get you started.

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