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Discover Fresh-Mix Sheet Mask by Garnier, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to plump and smooth your skin.


Product information

Dehydrated Skin? Fine Lines?

Discover our ‘DIY' mix-it-yourself shot mask, by Garnier.

In one section is a hydrating formula, Garnier Fresh Mix Hyaluronic acid Shot Face Mask is enriched with hyaluronic acid, and separately in the other section is an ultra-absorbent, dry algae tissue mask, waiting to be infused. Mix it when you want! Once mixed, the tissue is instantly transformed into a soft gel with a bouncy cushion texture that fits to the face to replump the skin with moisture and leave skin softer and supple.

Proven Effectiveness:** After 1 week (3 applications), skin feels smoother and bouncier. After 4 weeks (12 applications), skin feels firmer and more elastic.

*quantity of a 30ml bottle of serum **self-assessment 83 women.

Recycling Instructions
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Consumer Benefits

Garnier Fresh Mix Hyaluronic Shot Face Mask - a concentrated shot of super hydrating serum in a sheet mask for dehydrated & dull skin, freshly mixed by you
The No1 Sheet Mask brand to intensely rehydrate skin, reduce the look of fine lines, tired & dull skin and revive radiance for glowing skin
Enriched with natural potent extracts, Vitamin C and Natural Origin Fruit Acid AHA each mask is also infused with Hyaluronic Acid
Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to replump & soothe skin 
These vegan formula face masks are created with ultra-thin plant origin tissue & infused with a full 30ml bottle of intense hydrating serum 
Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive

Instructions of Use

1. Fold the sachet according to the arrow and the dotted line.

2. Fold again according to the second arrow on the right, pushing the juice towards the right.

3. Push the juice until the seal opens.

4. Push all the juice into the tissue chamber, making sure tissue is fully infused, wait 1 minute.

5. Open sachet and apply the mask onto the face.

6. Remove after 15 minutes, massage in any excess serum or remove with a cotton pad.

Garnier Fresh-Mix Face Sheet Shot Mask With Hyaluronic Acid

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