Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-TonerGarnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-TonerGarnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Toner Aloe-Toner-ModelAloe-Toner-ModelAloe-Toner-Model Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Toner2Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Toner2Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Toner2

Refreshing Botanical Toner with Aloe Extract Garnier SkinActive Aloe Vera

96% Natural Origin Ingredients. Dermatologically Tested. No parabens. No silicones. No artificial colourants.


Product information

Garnier’s first toner made of 96% ingredients of natural origin, enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, known for its hydrating powers. It removes make up residue and impurities whilst toning your skin and leaving it feeling beautifully purified and refreshed.

After removing make up, apply with a cotton pad onto face.

OUR COMMITMENT: This product contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. The remaining 4% are ingredients that guarantee the preservation of our product. Free from parabens, silicones and artificial colourants.

Refreshing Botanical Toner with Aloe Extract

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