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How to Dye Dark Roots at Home

Check out how to retouch your roots at home with Olia

Q. How does Olia hair colour work?

A. Olia is a permanent home hair colour without ammonia and with 60% oils. Its innovative Oil Delivery System (ODS) technology propels the colour into the heart of the hair for maximum colour performance. Olia improves the look & feel of hair and offers a unique sensorial application.


Q. Many brands have oils nowadays… how is Olia different?

A. When a hair colour contains oil, it is mostly concentrated in the conditioner, whose formula provides shine and care to the hair. In Olia, the oil is concentrated within the colourant itself to boost the colouring process. The Oils are an essential and active part of the colouring process, it's not only in the after colour care.


Q. My hair is already coloured, can I still use Olia?

A. It is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks before re-applying colour to your hair. For already coloured hair, you can use Olia in 2 ways:

Choose a shade which is close to the one you have currently. Hair dye cannot lighten previously coloured hair, therefore if you are trying to go lighter, you will need to bleach.

If your roots are showing, to re-touch your roots only.


Q. Does it leave marks on the skin?

A.  No, but we recommend that before applying the colour, your apply some moisturising cream around your hairline to remove any colour residue more easily.


Q. What if I have different colours in my hair?

A. If you hair contains multiple colours (e.g. due to previous hair colouring) you may get a different colour result. Also bear in mind that natural roots will need longer development time than the ends. 


Q. What is the fragrance of the conditioner?

A. The Silk & Shine multi-application conditioner has a light, delicate floral fragrance.

Learn More on the sensorial experience 


Q. How effective is Olia on grey hair?

A. Olia covers up to 100% of grey hair. If you have resistant greys, leave the colour on for an extra 5 - 10 minutes.

Learn more on the Olia technology 


Q. Does Olia contain ammonia?

A. Olia contains no ammonia for a pleasant smell.

Learn more on the Olia technology


Q. How should I use Olia? 

A. You must always read the instruction leaflet in the box. You can also use our step by step tool or watch the how to video. Before you apply the product, please remember: You must do a skin allergy test without fail 48 hours before each use Respect the pause indicated in the instructions Read and follow the instruction leaflet.


Q.What if only my roots need coloring?

A. You may need to vary the development time throughout your hair. Follow the instructions leaflet for timings and application techniques, use our step by step tool or watch the how to video.


Q. If I leave the mixture longer on my hair, will it be more intense?

A. No, leaving the colour longer on your hair will not have any additional effect. Please follow the development time as indicated on the instruction leaflet for best results.


Q. Can I apply Olia like a shampoo?

A. No, Olia hair colour needs a more accurate application:

1. Split your hair into smaller sections

2. Start by applying the colourant mixture generously on your roots

3. Then apply to you lengths and massage the colour into your hair to ensure full saturation. Always follow the instruction leaflet for best results.


Q. How long should I rinse my hair afterwards?

A. We recommend you dry-massage your hair to release the oils, add a little water, massage again and rinse until the water runs clear.


Q. Can Olia dry my hair?

A. No, Olia does not dry hair. It visibly improves the quality of your hair: making your hair feel softer and smoother. Read more on the Olia technology.


Q. Can Olia trigger allergies?

A.  Like with all hair colour you will have to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before use:

1. Remove earrings. Behind the ear and using a cotton bud, apply a small quantity of the unmixed colorant product (2 – The Colourant Cream) sufficient to cover an area of 1 to 2cm² (e.g. the size of a small coin). Reapply, allowing it to dry between each application. Carefully reseal the colorant container and keep it for your application 48 hours later.

2. Leave for 48 hours without washing, covering or touching. If during this period you notice any abnormal reactions, such as itching or swelling in or around the test area, DO NOT APPLY THE PRODUCT


Q. How do I choose my shade?

A. To choose your shade we recommend trying our Virtual Try On tool. Make sure the colour you try on works on your hair. Take our 1-minute hair colour quiz with Color Match to be certain.


Q. Which colour will suit me best?

A. Avoid anything more than two shades darker or lighter than your current colour. If your hair is already coloured, we recommend you go darker as it’s difficult to lighten coloured hair. If your skin’s warm or olive in tone, try a warmer hair colour. Cool and rose complexions work well with cooler shades. Try our Virtual Try On Tool. Make sure the colour you try on works on your hair. Take our 1-minute hair colour quiz with Color Match to be certain.


Q. How will the colour look on my hair?

A.  The results will depend on your base colour and the amount of grey hair you have. To find out what shade suits you best, we recommend using the Find your Shade.


Q. How many tones can I lighten my hair with Olia?

A. Olia hair colour allows lightening 1-2 levels the shades 1 (black) to 7 (dark blonde) and 2-3 levelsfor the shades 8.0 (blonde) to 10 (very light blonde). For example if your hair colour is a 7 - dark blonde - you can lighten your hair up to 1-2 levels. And from a natural 8 - medium blonde - you can lighten it 2-3 levels. Try our Virtual Try On Tool.


Q. What do the shade numbers mean?

A. Like all Garnier shades, the Olia range is labelled according to a base number (between 1 and 10) followed by one or two reflect numbers after the decimal point (between 1 and 6). For base colors, 1 is black and 10 is a very light blonde; for reflects 1 is ash and 6 is red. For example: A 4.3 colour denotes a brown base colour with a .3 gold / warm reflect. For help finding your perfect shade Try our Shade Finder.


Q. Is Olia less effective than a hair colour with ammonia?

A.  No, even though Olia does not contain ammonia it is as effective as a classic hair colour with ammonia. Learn more on the Olia technology.


Q. Can I create my own highlights?

A.  It will depend on your natural or coloured hair colour and your technical skill. We recommend you talk to one of our experts (see the “contact us” tab below) or a hairdresser if this is a look you want to achieve.

Q. How much product should I use to get full hair coloration?

A. Like all hair colouring, it depends on your hair length and thickness. For mid-long hair use 2 boxes. For long hair or hair that is very thick you may need to use 2 to 3 boxes.

Q. Should I use shampoo to rinse out the colorant?

A. When you rinse the hair, the colour will act as a shampoo. Use the conditioner after rinsing, once the water runs clear.


Q. How long does Olia hair colour last?

A. Olia is a permanent hair colour and like all permanent hair colour it is advised to apply it every 6 - 8 weeks. Read more on the Olia technology.


Q. How can I extend the colour?

A. To extend the shine and vibrancy of your Olia hair colour, the colouring kit contains a re-usable Silk & Shine conditioner with 54ml (up to 4 applications). Read more on Olia technology.


Q. Can Olia improve the look of my hair ?

A. Olia hair colour has no ammonia for a pleasant smell and contains 60% oils. After each colour, hair quality looks and feels improved: 7 out of 10 women* agree colour is shinier and more beautiful.Does Olia hair colour risk to damage my hair? Read more on Olia technology.

IMPORTANT: Actual results may vary based on your hair colour and condition. For more information, please read our Terms page. Like how this shades looks on you? Make sure it works on your hair. Take our 1-minute quiz to be certain.