If you are interested in skincare, it probably won't come as a surprise that the sun's harmful rays can cause significant damage to your skin, and are often the actual cause of many skin-related issues. Problems like dark spots, sunspots, signs of ageing, sun allergies, and even acne breakouts can actually stem from sun damage. So, how can you protect yourself and maintain a good suncare routine?

1. Choose the right sun protection for you
How sensitive is your skin to the sun's rays? Not sure if you need an adult of children’s sun cream? Pick a cream or spray that offers at least SPF30. Also, what type of skin do you have? While those with dry skin can opt for a highly moisturising cream, it doesn't mean that people with oily skin shouldn't slather it on too. In fact, one of the biggest myths related to sun cream is that it exacerbates spots and breakouts - but this couldn't be more wrong! By applying the right sunscreen, you can both protect your skin and even reduce its production of excess oil, thus visibly improving its health.

2. Wear it all day, every day
If you want to prevent UV damage, you need to protect your skin every day, even when it's overcast. It may sound bizarre to put cream on when it's cold, but the sun can be harmful even in the autumn and winter. Your best option is to pick a great daily product that works for you in your morning suncare routine. For example, take the Garnier Ambre Solaire Daily Protection spray, it’s light and dry-touch formula means you can add it over makeup, even if you suffer from oily skin."

3. Wear it everywhere
Another habit you need to lose is only wearing sun protection when you are going to be on holiday or out in the countryside for a long time. You may not know this, but a large amount of sun exposure happens in your daily life, and even when you're indoors, the sun beaming through the window can have a negative effect on your skin."

The key is making suncare part of your daily routine, so you can stop worrying about potential risks and get back to living life!