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From Lavender To Lavandin: The Benefits And Uses Of Organic Lavandin Essential Oil

From lavender to lavandin: find out the benefits and uses of organic lavandin essential oil.

Look at the ingredients list of a product that uses organic essential oils and you might just see organic lavandin oil lurking in there. Don’t be fooled into thinking this word is just a misspelling of lavender – they’re from the same family and share several properties, but are definitely two distinct plants. Lavandin is a hybrid of true lavender and spike lavender, which results in a bigger plant with a bigger flower yield. Now that you know what exactly lavandin is, you might be wondering how organic lavandin essential oil can benefit you? Read on to learn how to use this plant in your beauty routine..


Organic lavandin oil is found in a variety of beauty products and for good reason! The organic essential oil’s active ingredients are linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor and cineol. The Garnier Organic range uses organic lavandin essential oil in its Anti-aging skincare products; and Soothing Lavandin Anti-Age Eye Care Cream. These formulas deliver anti-aging benefits and are gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin.


Compared to true lavender, organic lavandin essential oil has a slightly stronger scent that’s sweet and tinged with notes of camphor. Unlike traditional lavender essential oils which promote relaxation, organic lavandin essential oil’s high camphor content makes for a stimulating scent.

And there you have it; you’re up to speed on the benefits and uses of this sweet-smelling essential oil!