Nutrisse Ultra colour packshots on peach background Nutrisse Ultra colour packshots on peach background

How To Use Bright Hair Dye

2020 was the year of home hair dye. People have discovered their inner stylists and their best home hair colours, too. Bold hair colour choices have helped brighten up an otherwise dull year. So, while we may all be hoping for the end of lockdown and the return of our usual habits, home hair colour is here to stay. 

Bright and bold hair colours in the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour range 

The Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour Range gives you access to a spectrum of bright hair colours from the comfort of your own home. Developed to create rich colour on hair of any texture, you can enjoy up to 3x stronger hair* with less breakage, and up to 3x more shine** thanks to the nourishing five oils conditioner.  Your new bright hair colour could look intense for up to eight weeks***. Simply choose from a range of shades, from the classically chic to fun colour pops:

Infinite Black 1.1

Bold and elegant, black hair is a stunning transformation for hair colour. Ideal for colouring shades of brown, Infinite Black is not recommended for use on very light hair. 

Dark Cherry Red 2.60

For those seeking to become redheads, Dark Cherry Red creates a rich shade of rouge for hair types. Our shade numbers can help you pick your ideal red. Dark Cherry Red is 2.60 for a colour that isn’t quite as out-there as 6.60, Fiery Red.

Fiery Red 6.60 

A flaming shade of red for hair that looks truly fierce, Fiery Red transforms hair types to a rich red shade that is sure to turn heads. For the brightest, boldest red hair, try bleaching before applying Fiery Red permanent hair dye.

Vibrant Red 5.62 

For red hair that doesn’t burn quite as bright as fiery red but a little more boldly than Dark Cherry Red, there’s Vibrant Red. Perfect for fair and dark hair looking to be transformed, the result is a deeply coloured crimson shade that will elevate your everyday look.

Midnight Blue 3.10 

Adding an air of mystique to medium to dark hair shades, Midnight Blue gives a dark blue tint to hair, reflected beautifully by locks that have been intensely conditioned by our Garnier Nutrisse formula. This blue hair shade is not recommended for lighter shades.

Iced Coffee Brown 4.15 

A cool shade of brown that can even be used on a dark hair colour. Colour shades for brown range from 4 (dark brown) to 6 (light brown), and Iced Coffee Brown is 4.15. Wondering what the second number refers to? Basically, it’s the reflect, which can be either natural (0), warm (.3, .4, .5, .6), or cool (.1, .2). Iced Coffee Brown creates a beautifully dark, cool shade. 

Frosted Chestnut 5.25 

A touch lighter than Iced Coffee Brown, Frosted Chestnut can transform hair shade to an elegant shade of brown to leave your hair beautifully coloured and super shiny.

Intense Lilac 5.21 

For those looking to transform their looks and be bang on trend, Intense Lilac is the way to go. Perfect for medium hair shades, the result is a regal shade of lilac hair that matches bold personalities. Intense Lilac isn’t recommended for grey hair.

Copper Passion 7.40 

A classic redhead look is offered by Copper Passion, creating a rich auburn shade. Creating a bright copper shade, enhanced by the rich, healthy looking shine our permanent hair colour creates, this copper hair colourant isn’t recommended for grey hair. 


How to use hair dye at home

Using home hair dye is quick and easy, but there are some handy tips and tricks to ensure optimum results.

Patch test

Before you do anything, do a patch test. This is to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction to the dye. Even if you’ve used home hair colour a hundred times before, each colour and brand is different,    

Apply a small amount of colourant behind your ear and wait 48 hours. Don’t rush, as even 24 hours may not be enough time for you to have fully reacted. 

Go step by step 

Our Garnier YouTube channel is the place to head if you want step-by-step guidance on colouring your hair, from doing the patch test to conditioning hair afterwards. 

Retouch and perfect

How you care for your hair after using permanent hair dye is key to making your colour last. Bright hair dye can look amazing at first, but can lose its lustre without proper care. Read up on our top hair tips for keeping hair bright, including reaching for the dry shampoo instead of your regular in-shower choice, and how to re-dye colours that have come out a bit too bold. 

Discover your new look with the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour permanent hair dye range. 

*Multiple combing test before and after full routine on bleached hair.
**Instrumental test. Before and after colouration
***Consumer test on 85 subjects.