When old-fashioned movie stars used to talk about 'putting on the war paint', they set the tone for us to think about cosmetics and skincare as something of a battle. Perhaps this was a little harsh. After all, who doesn't want to look their best every day? However, the concept of a battle has bounced back into the collective consciousness over recent years, which has coincided with two major factors: the growth in knowledge about the year-round daily damage inflicted on the skin by the sun's UVA and UVB rays, and the growth (and growing awareness) of airborne pollution and its damaging effects.

Three big aggressors
Every day, come rain or shine, the sun's rays filter through and land on those parts of our skin that are exposed. So, even when we're wrapped up, this almost invariably includes hands, neck and face. That's why, whether on holiday or just living our normal workday lives, we need some sort of sun protection. That's aggressor number one. Number two is a problem particularly (but not exclusively) for those of us who live in urban areas. Airborne pollution can sometimes be created by central heating, air conditioning and the manufacturing processes used in furnishing and cleaning products. That means all of us have some level of exposure. And the third? This is an especially insidious combination of the first two. Researchers have studied the combination of industrial, chemical and traffic pollution with the effects of sun exposure, and have found indications that urban pollution may increase the damage caused by UV radiation by nearly three times! Maybe this really is starting to sound like a battle situation after all!

How to protect ourselves
Even though applying sunscreen and face sun block daily makes sense, sometimes there is a profound reluctance. This can be for various reasons. Often, it’s a failure to appreciate the need to do so and a perceived incompatibility with other products, especially makeup. Happily, these issues are all problems of the past, just like the concept of 'war paint'. New sun care ranges such as Ambre Solaire Daily Protection Face Mist are tailor-made for modern living. They offer everyday protection against the harmful effects of UV rays, free radicals in pollution and dehydration. The product helps protect against long term damage from the sun and premature skin ageing whilst hydrating skin at the same time. The fresh ultra-light mist is instantly transparent on skin, non-greasy and can be applied over make-up.

How to protect acne-prone skin
It's also time to tackle the myth that acne-prone skin benefits from direct exposure to the sunshine. It doesn't! The misconception probably came about because greasy sunscreen can make the skin shiny and clog pores, therefore triggering breakouts. However, although the drying effect of the sun may appear to improve matters in the short term, it can make problems worse over time. Acne-prone skin is ultra-vulnerable to the sun. Our lighter sun protection cream has an anti-shine and anti-imperfection action and protects your skin against the sun’s harmful effects while ensuring up to 8hr mattified skin. It also has purifying salicylic acid & ginger root extract to fight the appearance of imperfections. The anti-shine gel cream texture does not clog pores.