To help educate children in emergencies

How Can You Help Children In Emergencies

Wherever children are caught up in emergencies, Unicef is on the ground providing life-saving care and supplies.  To be able to continue this vital work, Unicef needs the support of people like you and partners like Garnier.

Right now 75 million children are out of school because of war or disaster. You can help Unicef set up temporary classrooms and provide schools-in-a-box, so that children can continue to learn and play with their friends.

Helping Children In Emergencies Get A Quality Education

Every child should be able to go to school – no matter what. When a disaster strikes, a child’s education may stop because their school is destroyed or they are forced to flee their home. Without the chance to learn, children’s future hopes and dreams are at risk. For children in an emergency, education is life-saving. School gives a child stability and structure to help cope with trauma they may have experienced. School can protect a child from the physical dangers around them, such as abuse, exploitation or recruitment into armed groups. In many cases, school also provides children with other life-saving interventions, such as food, water, and vaccines.

How UNICEF Helps

For children in emergencies, education is life-saving. Unicef helps provide children with somewhere safe to learn and play. We help set up temporary classrooms and provide schools-in-a-box, so that children can continue to learn and play with their friends.

Unicef’s school-in-a-box is an innovative pop-up classroom that can be set up anywhere. Unicef uses the box to provide three months’ worth of teaching supplies for a teacher and 40 students. It includes books, pens, pencils, science and art supplies, and a can of paint to turn the lid of the box into a blackboard.

Garnier and UNICEF Achievements So Far

In just two years Garnier has raised an incredible 3 million euros globally for Unicef to help children in emergencies around the world. Funds donated by Garnier have helped children in Jordan, Yemen, Bangladesh and India. In 2018, Unicef helped nearly 7 million children in emergencies get an education.

Last Year Thanks To Garnier's Support, Unicef Was Able To…

  • Provide quality education for 130,000 refugee children in Jordan to help them have the chance of a better future.
  • Supply life-saving food and treatment for over 195,000 severely malnourished children in Yemen.
  • Enable 33,000 Rohingya children, traumatised by violence and discrimination, to get care, support and education in refugee camps in Bangladesh.
  • Dig 1,120 wells to provide 500,000 people with clean, safe water following devastating floods in India.