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Garnier has touched the lives of women and men around the world with over a century of brand know-how, expertise and research.

True pioneers in skincare and haircare, Garnier was founded in France and over the past one hundred years has expanded to become an internationally respected name.

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Our Heritage



THE ORIGINAL INNOVATION The story begins with hairdresser Alfred Amour Garnier and his salon in Blois, France. In 1904 he developed his 1st plant-based lotion for the health and beauty of the hair: Lotion Garnier. This anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff solution quickly became a best seller.


1904 - 1944

A COMPREHENSIVE BEAUTY BRAND From 1925 to 1944 five new products were created. Garnier diversified its offering with Eau de beauté Garnier - the 1st skincare product to target all skin needs - Pétrole Garnier, Sulfo Garnier, Eau de bleuet Garnier and Shampooing Garnier. An entire range of hair and skin products emblazoned with the Garnier promise: "Beautiful hair. Velvety soft skin."



AMBRE SOLAIRE: THE BIRTH OF AN ICON In 1935, Ambre Solaire launched the 1st sunscreen-enriched tanning oil. First tested on the French Rivieria, the product reached the rest of the country in 1936, the very year France initiated paid vacation for all. Ambre Solaire was perfectly in tune with the times and instantly became a symbol of holidays at the beach, personal well-being and modern, confident femininity.



THE 1ST AT HOME HAIR COLOURING With Belle Color, the 1st at-home colouring product, women discovered that colouring their own hair could be safe and easy. More than simply covering grey, Belle Color was instrumental in making women's hair as essential to fashion as clothing or accessories.



ULTRA DOUX launches in France - The 1st range of shampoos were plant based, and the formulas were ultra gentle and suited to every hair type. The 1st four blends were wheat germ, linden leaf, chamomile and purple nettle. Here in the UK, we now know Ultra Doux as Ultimate Blends: our ultimate care blended for naturally beautiful hair, every day.



GOING GLOBAL Garnier has been a global brand since 1995, becoming a major player in the international cosmetics market. Now present in more than 120 countries, the brand offers products formulated to meet the specific haircare and skincare needs of men and women everywhere on the planet.



FRUCTIS THE GREEN BOTTLE KNOWN AROUND THE WORLD The 1st shampoo with ingredients sourced from fruits, Fructis revolutionised the haircare market with its famous green bottle. Fructis for hair that felt stronger, fuller and with a healthy shine.



NUTRISSE, NOURISHED HAIR MEANS BETTER COLOUR We launched the brand in the UK almost 20 years ago under the name of NATEA, as the first permanent Nutri Color masque in the market. Our creamy formula is enriched with shea butter and 3 oils: avocado, olive and blackcurrent. Only Nutrisse nourishes as it colours, to leave hair soft and shiny, whilst covering up to 100% of grey hairs. To bring out the most rich, radiant, natural long lasting colour. That feels as good as it looks.



NEW GENERATION SKINCARE: BB CREAM SKINCARE Inspired by Asian blemish balms, Garnier launched its first BB Cream specifically formulated for Caucasian skin, new-generation skincare with instantly visible results. Making beauty routines faster and easier, BB creams combines 5 solutions in a single product to smooth, moisturise, correct, illuminate and protect the skin.



OLIA, THE POWER OF OIL In 2012, Olia propelled hair colour into a new era, bringing to life hair colour powered by oil with natural flower oils. Olia provides exceptional colour, with no ammonia, for the first time hair quality is visibly improved. Our non-drip formula has a velvety texture and floral fragrance, with optimal scalp comfort.



THE BATHROOM ESSENTIAL: MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER Garnier presents its first Micellar Cleansing Water, the multipurpose cleanser for all areas of the face which is also gentle on all skin types, even sensitive.



A NEW VISION OF NIGHTTIME SKINCARE MIRACLE SLEEPING CREAM Garnier creates the first anti-fatigue, anti-ageing cream for skin that appears transformed. Featuring an innovative self-smoothing texture, Miracle Sleeping Cream instantly boosts radiance and corrects the sign of ageing.



ULTIMATE BLENDS BODY SOFTNESS FROM HEAD TO TOE Supported by long-time expertise in gentle care, in 2015 Garnier Ultimate Blends introduced its first body care formula for beautifully healthy skin. Like the well-known hair care range, Ultimate Blends body care products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of every skin type while providing moisturisation.



A NEW GENERATION OF HYDRATION MOISTURE BOMB In Jan 2016, Garnier launched the Moisture Bomb range, for intense and refreshing hydration. Enriched with ingredients such as Pomegranate, Glycerin and hyaluronic acid, Moisture Bomb tissue masks and moisturisers help protect the skin against external aggressions such as UV rays and pollution and correct the signs of fatigue and stress.



SKINACTIVE: TAILOR-MADE MASKS FOR EVERY WOMAN AND EVERY NEED Headlining Garnier's SkinActive brand, 2017 has already seen the launch of our range of tailor-made sachet masks for different skin types and needs. The range combines natural, well-known ingredients and offers effective skincare in just a few minutes - perfect for on-the-go facial care.