Biphasic cleansers remove make-up in two steps using a water-based layer and an oil-based layer.

They are suitable for all types of skin, and remove all kinds of make-up. Plus, they have a secret weapon… they’re only cleansers that can completely remove waterproof mascaras! 

How do I remove regular mascara?

Non-waterproof mascara is a mix of components that attract oil and move away from water (waxes, pigments and films), and components that attract both oil and water (surfactants).

When you apply regular make-up remover to your eyelashes, mascara is attracted and removed by the water and surfactants in the make-up remover.

But it’s different for waterproof mascara…
In waterproof mascara, the components are all attracted by oil, not water. This is why it stays on, even in the rain!

That’s why we need a specialized make-up remover.


To maximise the benefits of both the oil and water, make sure you mix the two layers.