Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Cleansing-MilkGarnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Cleansing-MilkGarnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Cleansing-Milk Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Cleansing-Milk2Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Cleansing-Milk2Garnier-96-Naturals-Aloe-Vera-Cleansing-Milk2

Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk with Aloe Extract Garnier SkinActive Aloe Vera

Made with 96% ingredients of natural origins, gently cleanse your skin with Refreshing Botanical Cleansing Milk by Garnier with soothing aloe vera extract.


Product information

Garnier’s first milk made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, enriched with Aloe Vera Extract, known for its hydrating powers. It gently, yet efficiently removes make up and impurities for perfectly clean, fresh and hydrated skin.

Remove make up with a cotton pad soaked in the milk.

OUR COMMITMENT: This product contains 96% ingredients of natural origin. Our ingredients come from several sources below are some examples. The remaining 4% are ingredients that guarantee the preservation of our product. Free fromparabens, silicones and artificial colourants.