Garnier proudly supports Just Like Us.

Just Like Us works to support schools and empower young people within the LGBT+ community nationwide.

In 2023, Garnier is donating up to £50,000 to Just Like Us, to support School Diversity Week, the UK-wide celebration of LGBT+ equality for young people.

*10p from every Limited Edition Micellar Water (400ml) sold, up to a maximum of £50,000, will be donated to Just Like Us (Charity number: 1165194).

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Our Mission

Garnier is on a mission to celebrate ALL skin, inclusive of ALL races, genders, ages & sexual orientations.

We have made it our priority to celebrate diversity within our campaigns and via support for our brand ambassadors. In 2023 we want to take our support for ALL skin to the next level.

We have been on a journey to learn more about specific issues the LGBT+ community are facing. We want to help our Garnier community understand how to be more supportive LGBT+ allies and ensure members of the community feel supported and heard. 

As the UK's #1 skincare product* our beloved Micellar water has long been a cult favourite of the LGBT+ community. As a make-up remover and cleanser suitable for ALL skin types, Garnier Micellar is the perfect product to help individuals embrace the art of self expression - make up or no make up, it's time to celebrate the skin you are in. 

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What Did We Learn?

Growing up LGBT+ is still unacceptably tough.

While the UK has seen many legal changes to LGBT+ marriage and parenthood over the past 20 years, not many of the policies have directly impacted young people.

- Unfortunately, 91% of LGBT+ young people have heard negative language about being LGBT+ in the past year 
- LGBT+ pupils are still twice as likely to be bullied compared their non-LGBT+ peers
- LGBT+ young people are twice as likely to have depression, as well as to be lonely and worry about their mental health on a daily basis.

However, pupils in schools with strong positive messaging about being LGBT+ have drastically improved well being and feel safer - regardless of whether they are LGBT+ or not. 

That’s where Just Like Us come in….

Just Like Us Research, 2021

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How Just Like Us Works

Founded in 2016, Just Like Us work with schools across the UK to ensure that LGBT+ young people feel safe and supported. They have created 3 programmes’ to help make this ambition a reality:

- School Diversity Week: the annual, UK-wide celebration of LGBT+ equality in schools and colleges

- Free LGBT+ inclusive educational resources that help make schools safer, more welcoming places for all young people

A student-led Pride Groups and Ambassador Programme trains LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds to speak in schools about allyship.

With Garnier's support, this year's School Diversity Week will be the biggest-ever celebration of LGBT+ inclusion across the UK- with over 5,700 schools participating!

How To Get Involved

Garnier has worked with our brand advocates & We Create Space, an intersectional queer led community, to create some guidance on the steps we can all take to become a more active ally in our daily lives.



If you would also like to read more or donate to Just Like Us, you can do so here:


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Blu Hydrangea

Blu grew up in Northern Ireland and quickly harnessed her creativity in art lessons at school.

A passion for paint soon turned to make-up and Blu has since gone on to become a Drag Superstar & Winner of RuPauls Drag Race: UK vs The World, famed for her incredible make-up looks!

475x354 Mosaic Rose

Rose Gallagher

Pro make-up artist, beauty blogger & writer.

Known for her easy-to-follow make-up/ skincare tutorials and rosacea solutions, Rose makes it her mission to help everyone feel their most confident, beautiful selves!

"I am so proud to be part of this campaign, to show my support for my friends and my peers, and remind anyone who is hoping to express themselves that there are people in the world who will love and accept them exactly as they are."

475x354 Mosaic Candice

Candice Brathwaite

Critically acclaimed author, journalist, and TV presenter.

Straight-talking and exuberant, Candice is intent on showing the joy to be had in being young, black, and British and often speaks about the importance of showing up for and supporting minority groups.

475x354 Mosaic Max

Max Baledge

Known for his cheeky comebacks and outrageously funny content, Max has quickly become a Tiktok sensation! His influence doesn't stop there, and he now co-hosts his podcast 'The Useless Hotline' alongside best pal George.

Max is an active member of the LGBT+ community, supporting the movement by attending various Pride Events but also by openly sharing his own coming out story on his platform.

"It’s such a pinch me moment to be working with Garnier as a brand and I’m unbelievably happy that I get to do so with a topic that means so much to me."

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George Clarke

George is an content creator who amassed his following after sharing his hilarious impressions.George recently teamed up with best pal Max on their very first podcast ' The Useless Hotline' where listeners send in their dilemmas for George & Max to discuss.

"People may see me as an odd inclusion in a campaign focusing on Pride as I am not part of the LGBTQ+ community myself; however, it is those who aren't directly affected that are the least knowledgeable on what the community goes through. I've learnt that being an "ally" doesn't mean that you have to be dressed in rainbow colours 24/7, it just means that you're willing to be open to listen to your friend".

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Zaynab is a Just Like Us Ambassador who openly shares how beneficial the charities work has been for her.

"I wanted to be a part of this Garnier campaign because being someone who is autistic I've had a lot of moments where I really wish that there was more education surrounding neurodivergence in general and I understand the frustration that comes with being misunderstood - resolving miscommunication through education is so important to me!'

475x354 Mosaic Koi


Koi has been a Just Like Us Ambassador for the past few months and is passionate about giving young members of the LGBT+ community the confidence boost they need to be their authentic self.

"I wanted to be a part of this Garnier campaign as I don't think you see much representation of masculine presenting black people, especially trans people, in the cosmetics industry. I hope to bring a different type of masculine representation to a wider audience'.

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Jordyn is an Influencer & Beauty Enthusiast who quickly rose to fame for her incredible make-up transformation looks on Tiktok, after coming out as transgender. She champions self-acceptance, challenges haters & is an inspiration for anyone that may need a confidence boost to be their most authentic self!

"I’m so excited to be working with garnier because they are such an inclusive brand and that’s everything I stand for as a plus size, transgender woman.'

475x354MosaicCaitlin  Leah

Caitlin & Leah

Creating content since 2015, married couple Caitlin & Leah have taken social media sharing their lives and beauty tips.

Both are active members of the LGBT+ community, recently sharing their IVF journey & creating a documentary ‘Think Before You Type’ discussing online bullying & hate with experts in the field.

"We are super excited to work with Garnier on this campaign as we love to support inclusivity and diversity & Garnier are a well-known brand who supports the same values as us!"


We’re committed to making a positive change by starting conversations that lead to more support and safer spaces for the LGBT+ community, but we know that there will always be more we can do.

We plan to share our journey with our Garnier community through regular updates.

Watch this space.

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