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Is Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare Good For My Skin?

Learn about the best organic anti-aging ingredients that actually work to reduce wrinkles in Garnier's Organic range.

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Are Organic Skincare Products Effective?

Do organic skincare products really work? With the right ingredients and bio formula, some organic ingredients can noticeably improve skin.

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Organic Essential Oils: How To Add Them To Your Skincare Routine

Love essential oils? Find out which organic essential oils you should incorporate into your skin care regime and how best to use them.

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What is a konjac facial sponge?

Want to know what a Konjac sponge does for your skin? Learn more about the naturally exfoliating Konjac sponge and how easy it is to use!

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What Is A Toner?

Want to purify skin and tighten pores? Here’s why you should add a facial toner with organic thyme essential oil to your skincare routine today.

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Micellar Make Up Removal Tips

Sensitive skin no longer has to cause you problems in finding a gentle eye (or face) makeup remover! Find out how we can help with our sensitive skin products.

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Organic Cornflower: The New Star Ingredient In Micellar Water

You may know it best for its pretty blue blooms, but it turns out that there’s much more to it. Garnier Organic uses organic cornflower water in their Delicate Cornflower Micellar Water. Learn about the benefits of our Delicate Organic Cornflower Micellar Water

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The Benefits Of Adding Organic Argan Oil To Your Skincare Routine

Want to learn about the benefits of organic argan oil on skin? Here are three ways organic argan oil can be used in your skincare routine.

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Micellar Water: What Makes It The Best MakeUp Remover Around

Ever wondered what makes micellar water the best makeup remover? Let Garnier explain how it’s easy to apply formula is ideal for all your makeup needs.

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From Lavender To Lavandin: The Benefits And Uses Of Organic Lavandin Essential Oil

From lavender to lavandin: find out the benefits and uses of organic lavandin essential oil.

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What Exactly Is Micellar Water

Wondering what Micellar Water is? Discover what Garnier’s Micellar Water Cleanser is and how it works on your skin with our experts.

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Garnier is approved by Cruelty Free International

All Garnier products globally are officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme

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