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That’s why we’re on a match-making mission to find ever woman their soul-mate blend. That ultimate side-kick in the battle for fairy tale hair.

So we’ve travelled far and wide to bring together some of the most wonderful natural ingredients our planet has to offer. Like precious argan oil from a women’s co-operative in morocco blended with almond cream in a formula to nourish and tame hair. Creamy coconut milk from farmers in French Polynesia and Guatemalan macadamia oil in a blend to give epic shine.

We go even further to find you your soul-mate blend whether you’re looking for silicone-free for a natural feel no parabens? Ethically sourced ingredients? 100% vegan formulas*?

All you have to do is find the ultimate blend that clicks with you. We think it could be the start of a beautiful new relationship!

Ultimate blends… your new BBF. Best blend forever.

*Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients or by products