Hair Food

Curl restoring Cocoa Butter

For curly hair

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Ultimate Blends Cocoa Butter Hair Mask

Nourishing Hair Food Banana

For Dry Hair

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Smoothing Hair Food Coconut

For Frizzy Hair

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Repairing Hair Food Papaya

For Damaged Hair

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Hydrating Hair Food Aloe

For Normal Hair

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Colour Illuminating Hair Food Goji

For Coloured Hair

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Goji hair food mask

Plumping Watermelon

For fine hair

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Garnier Hair Food Watermelon Hair Mask


Ginger Hair Food Shampoo Bar

For weak or dull hair

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Coconut and Aloe Vera Hair Food Shampoo Bar

For normal hair

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aloe vera shampoo bar packshot

Delicate Oat Hair Food Shampoo Bar

For sensitive scalp & fragile hair

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delicate oat shampoo bar packshot

Honey Treasures Hair Food Shampoo Bar

For damaged hair

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Argan Richness

Feel up to 72 hours of softer, shinier fairytale hair.

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Ultimate Blends Argan oil Conditioner and Shampoo

Almond Crush

Gently cleanse for healthier, stronger fairytale hair

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Ultimate Blends Almond Crush and Shampoo

Coco Milk

Up to 48 hours of tamed, smooth fairytale hair.

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Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk Conditioner and Shampoo

Coco Fresh

Lusciously light, hydrated fairytale hair.

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Ultimate Blends Coconut Water Conditioner and Shampoo

Berry Bright

Protects and illuminates. Locks in colour wash after wash.

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Ultimate Blends Argan oil and cranberry shampoo and conditioner

Coco Sleek

Feel up to 72 hours of Frizz-Free fairytale hair.

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Ultimate Blends coconut oil shampoo and conditioner

Honey Treasures

Strengthens, nourishes and protects

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Ultimate Blends honey treasures shampoo and conditioner

Mythic Olive

Intensely nourishes without weighing down.

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Ultimate Blends mythic olive shampoo and conditioner

Delicate Oat

Nourishes fragile hair and soothes sensitive scalp.

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Ultimate Blends Delicate oat Conditioner and Shampoo

Marvellous Oils

Nourishes with a glowing shine.

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Ultimate Blends Marvellous Oils Conditioner and Shampoo

Product Impact Labelling

Check the environmental impact of our hair care products to make more sustainable choices.

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mobile phine showing sustainabilty scores with ultimate blends product and decoartive leaves and fish

*Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients or by products