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Sun Safety: 10 Tanning Myths Debunked

Learn 10 tanning myths debunked . Discover all the beauty tips and advice on Sun Protection for different types of skin, by Garnier

Aware of the danger and the ageing effects of sun damage, no one thinks it is good idea to spend days oiled up in the sun. Still, some tanning myths persist that can prove dangerous for your skin. Here we debunk 10 of them for sun safety and savvy suncare. 

1. You only need sun cream while sunbathing
Sun cream is of course needed while sunbathing, but it is also needed whenever your skin is exposed to the sun. Use an SPF moisturiser to ensure sun safety at all times. 

2. You don’t need sunblock in winter
It’s important to protect your skin from the sun at all times, even during winter. Winter skincare is particularly important when you are heading to the mountains for a ski or snowboarding holiday, where the snow acts as a reflector. 

3. If you don’t burn, you don’t need sun cream 
Though the most visible, sunburn is not the only form of sun damage. All skin types are susceptible to sun damage and it is important to protect your skin from the sun whether you burn or not. 

4. Once you have a base tan you no longer need sunscreen
A sun tan does not provide protection against sun damage and sunblock is always necessary to protect the skin from lasting harm. 

5. Fake tan protects the skin from the sun
Fake tan and make-up do not block UV rays. Even with a fake tan, you still need to apply sun cream to ensure protection!

6. You can’t get sunburn through a window
Harmful UV rays can travel through glass, so protect your skin when enjoying the conservatory or travelling in the car.

7. You can’t get sunburn on windy or cloudy days 
UV rays can also penetrate through cloud, so protect your skin even on overcast days. Despite effectively cooling the body, the wind is no protection against sun damage and can even make you less likely to notice burning during the day. 

8. Suncare just means sun cream 
As well as sun cream, after sun care is super important to both minimise sun damage and keep your skin looking lovely and healthy. Use a moisturising after sun cream immediately after being in the sun.

9. Avoiding the sun completely will prevent ageing
Ageing is an unavoidable natural phenomenon and should be embraced as such. Life is for enjoying, and sunshine makes us happy! 

10. Sun beds are a great way to prepare skin for the sun
Sun beds send out UV rays into the skin and should be used carefully. The best sun safety method is ample sunscreen applied 20 minutes prior to sun exposure.