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Create Your Hair Care Routine with Garnier's Pineapple Range

Guide To Building A Hair Routine For Dry, Frizzy Hair

Finding the products that work for your hair can be a journey, but we’ve got something to help. The latest additions to our Ultimate Blends range are specially formulated to target dull and dry hair to smooth frizz and boost shine. Find out more about our nourishing formulas, our best  treatment for dry hair and our guide to building up your hair care routine.

Start With The Shampoo

 A good hair care routine starts with an enriching shampoo. If you’re looking for a shampoo for dull hair or dealing with dryness, we recommend our Pineapple & Amla Hair Food Shampoo. It uses 98% natural origin ingredients and is made to a fully vegan formula *. A blend of pineapple and amla gives a gorgeous scent and the formula is silicone-free for a natural feel. It’s made to cleanse and nourish your hair without weighing it down, targeting the ends to leave them silky soft. Simple lather up your scalp and rinse thoroughly before moving on to complementary Garnier products.

*No animal derived ingredients or by-products

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Coat Your Hair With Garnier Hair Drink

Adding our new Garnier Pineapple Hair Drink as an extra step between your shampoo and conditioner is a great way to add shine to your hair. Our formula, that uses ultra-thin lamellas, coats the hair fibre, to polish and smooth your hair. The Pineapple Hair Drink is also made with 97% natural origin ingredients and is silicone-free, for a natural feel. 

How To Use Garnier Hair Drink

After using the Pineapple Hair Food Shampoo and rinsing thoroughly, rinse out any excess water before applying this liquid hair treatment to the lengths and ends of your hair. For fine hair, we recommend a single dose while medium to thick hair may need two or three doses. Add an extra dose for long hair, too. Massage it in for around 10 seconds and then rinse it out so you’re ready for conditioning. 

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Apply Garnier Hair Mask for Extra Nourishment

To add extra nourishment to your hair, incorporate a hair mask into your routine. These offer deeper conditioning than standard conditioners and are perfect for hangry hair.

They're often used by people who struggle with breakage and frizz to make hair more manageable and while some options are designed to be used once a week or less, others can be used at every wash.

Our Garnier Pineapple and Amla Hair Mask is a rinse-out option that you can either use in-between your shampoo and conditioner or you can incorporate it at the end of your routine. If using during your wash, leave on for three minutes before rinsing out for intense nourishment and non-stop glow for hangry hair. If adding to the end of your routine, simply apply a small amount to your lengths while your hair is still damp after conditioning and leave it in for extra nourishment. 


Complete Your Hair Care Routine With Garnier Conditioner

As a final step to your hair care routine, we recommend an everyday conditioner that works with your other products. Conditioners help to seal your hair cuticles, avoiding frizz and leaving your hair feeling softer and shinier. This also helps prevent breakages  and can make hair more manageable for styling.

After the Garnier Hair Drink and/or Hair Mask, we recommend applying the Garnier Pineapple & Amla Hair Food Conditioner. This tropical formula nourishes dry hair, adding shine and softness without weighing your hair down. Its rich texture instantly absorbs and quickly detangles whilst adding glow. Simply brush it through your lengths and ends and rinse thoroughly at the end of each wash.

Ready to upgrade your hair care routine? Browse the full Garnier Hair Food range and check out the brand-new Garnier Pineapple hair drink also available in Papaya and Banana!


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