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Covering Grey Hair Isn’t As Difficult As You Might Think

Covering grey hair isn’t as difficult as you might think. Discover all the beauty tips and advice on Hair Colour for different hair types, by Garnier.

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How can I turn my grey hair into an advantage?

Due to its different texture and lack of colour, grey hair can actually become a feature. If you add the right hair colouring to it, your hair will act as highlights, giving your hair a completely different style.

In order to achieve such natural looking result, it is very important to choose the right colour to cover your grey hair. We suggest you not go one shade lighter or darker than your natural base. Also, as skin tends to get paler with age, dramatic colours such as red aren’t recommended. And don’t forget that your eye colour and the colours your tend to wear are important factors.

To lose a few years, it is important that your hair looks natural and healthy. This what Garnier can achieve for grey hair, deeply penetrating the colour into the core of the hair, for a long lasting, natural look. The covering power of Garnier, thanks to its active ingredients, is very high.

So, if you want to feel younger and even more dynamic, choose your colour and don’t look back.

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