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Our natural ingredients

Discover the natural ingredients of Ultimate Blends.
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    Royal Jelly

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    Camelia oil

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    Olive oil


    Flower honey

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    Shea butter


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    Argan oil





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  • olive-leaves

    Olive leaves

    Cacoa butter

    Cocoa butter



  • Coconut oil

    Coconut oil




Bee beautiful with nourishing honey:

This age-old nectar is rich in nutrients and vitamins. Once a luxury for wealthy people, honey which originally came from Asia, has been used by everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the ancient Chinese.


Oat milk is made through an age-old process in which oats are infused with hot water. The result is a liquid that is rich in vitamin B1, calcium and iron.


Royal Jelly has been used since ancient times in beauty rituals. Like honey, it is a product created by bees. It is called Royal Jelly because it is the only food the queen bee consumes throughout her life. It enables her to live for six years and lay 3,000 eggs a day whereas worker bees only live for up to 6 weeks. Royal Jelly is rich in zinc, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and acetyl-choline, This is the elixir of the queen bee herself. No wonder it creates such a buzz.


Camelia oil is a sensorial awakening

Stemming from a flower unrivalled in its elegance, this voluptuously feminine oil infuses hair with light, radiance and softness without weighing it down. Known in Asia as the harbinger of spring, Camelia produces precious, protective and deeply-absorbed oil.

Carefully extracted from the seeds of the green tea plant, Camelia oil has been used traditionally for haircare in Japan for many years. This sumptuous product is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 9. This blend of natural goodness is wonderful for the hair and skin. I it works well in cosmetics and with regular use leaves the hair naturally shiny and silky. Blended within shampoos and hair masks, it helps you harness the beauty secrets of Geishas.


Propolis is the 'natural cement' from the hive; it is produced by bees to act as a defence shield for the hive.

Bursting with natural goodness and minerals. Ancient Greeks used it to treat wounds and famed doctor Hippocrates used it in the 5th century to treat ulcers. Propolis is utilised by worker bees to insulate their hive, protect eggs and disinfect combs.

Propolis roughly translated means ""front defence"". It contains high levels of bioflavanoid, B vitamins and zinc.


Virgin olive oil: a legendar, nourishing elixir.

Olive oil is prized around the world for its beneficial properties. Drawn from the heart of the Mediterranean, it is a traditional beauty tip that is passed down from mother to daughter. It is valued in many cultures for its therapeutic benefits and restorative power and has become synonymous with intensive nourishment.

Drawn from a millenary tree, this powerful elixir has been used since the Ancient World for its highly nourishing and skin softening properties. Virgin olive oil, cold pressed to preserve its natural properties, intensely nourishes the hair fibre to soften and restore hair from root to tip. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids, especially oleic acid, an acid great for hair. It also contains anti-oxidising vitamin E, known to protect from free radicals. It is also rich in hydroxytyrosol which has substantial anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cleopatra was just one of the Egyptian Pharaohs well-known for her appreciation of the skin and hair care benefits of olive oil. The historic beauty icon might be long gone but her secret ointment lives on.


Blossom aromas

Naturally scented with the fragrance of the blossom it comes from, there are several varieties of flower honey including orange blossom, Scottish heather, Spanish lavender and French sunflower. The essence of approximately two million flowers are contained in just one kilo of honey. Derived from the transformation of flower nectar by bees, honey is a substance of originating from plants with high energy. Rich in mineral salts and vitamins, it aids digestion, circulation, and calms. Honey is often used in cosmetics for its moisturizing and nourishing properties while it has been used as a natural antiseptic, which is why many people haved called it liquid gold. It is not surprising the ancient Greeks called it the nectar of the Gods! It has been used as a skin lotion for more than 2000 years and with alluring floral scents and soothing moisturising qualities, it is the perfect way to give your hair and skin a natural glow.


Food lover ingredients

Avocado oil has been extracted by artisans for many years. This luscious fruit, often referred to as the butter pear, is native to South America but can now be found in tropical regions across the world. Avocado contains high levels of Vitamin E and A.


Shea Butter gathered from the African Karite tree

Carefully extracted from the nut of the Shea tree in African villages, Shea Butter has been included in beauty regimes for centuries. Cleopatra used it abd ut us still used in its natural form to protect hair and skin. It is rich in vitamin A and E.


Beautifying plant

Gathered from the lush paths of Provence in the South of France, Verbena is carefully infused by skilled artisans to draw out its natural extract. It is native to South America but is now found in many parts of the world. Its distinct lemony fragrance attracts sorbet makers.


Bursting with natural goodness, cranberries are native to North America and indigenous Americans were the first to use them in fabric dye and food.

It has high concentrations of fatty acids, Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9


Inherited from the beauty rituals of Mediterranean basin women. A true gift from nature, it is extracted thanks to artisanal know-how. This highly demanding, rigorous process allows all of its virtues to be distilled and preserved. Rich in both Omega 6 and vitamin E. It is hailed by numerous celebrities as a miracle product.

This best-kept Moroccan secret is now a commonly ingredient for cosmetics.


The strength of the Eucalyptus is in its oil; distilled from the leaves of the evergreen eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus oil originates from Australia. This wood scented product has been used by aborigines for hundreds of years. Its natural blend with more than 75 potentially active constituents.


Brazilian "Fruit of the Angels" .First cultivated in Mexico, the Papaya is native to the Americas and is nowadays mainly imported from Brazil. D High in vitamin A and AHA's (alpha-hydroxy acids) Papaya can also be used as a great natural exfoliator.


Madagascan Vanilla with lasting fragrance.

Hand pollinated and picked, Vanilla beans are the unripened fruit of the Vanilla Planifolia orchid grown in Madagascar. This bean has a potent vanilla gragrance which is still present when its vanilla seeds have been extracted.


Fruity flower

Workshipped by the ancient Egyptioans for its incredible properties, camomile has been used cosmetically for more than 2,000 years. This daisy-like flower has a fragrant apple-like scent. It won a spot as one of the nine sacred herbs on an ancient Anglo Saxon manuscript.



Originating from the exotic climes of Africa and west Asia, nettle now grows wild in many parts of the world. There are several varieties, and while its sting might be painful, it is nonetheless harvested for its wondrous benefits.


Citrus Fruit with zesty freshness

Citron is renowned for its purifying and refreshing action. With its thick yellow skin and citrusy scent, the citron is often mistaken for a lemon. But the strength of this sunshine-coloured fruit lies is in its rind and not its flesh. Citron oil was used as medicine during medieval times to relieve scurvy. The extracted oil is so fragrant, however, that it has also been used in cosmetics and perfumes for centuries.


Green Tea

Adopted from Chinese culture, Green tea has become a popular alternative to coffee. Clinical tests have proven it to be effective at flushing toxins out of the body. Green tea extract is rich in methylxanthines.


Inspired by the skincare practices of eastern women, rice cream harnesses the power and natural goodness of rice. Rich in vitamin E and vitamin B complexes, it is delicately blended using ancient techniques. It is easily absorbed and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin


Natural ingredients cultivated on the Provence soil

Provence would not be Provence without its olive groves. Reliant on a Mediterranean climate for growth, olive trees are therefore one of the most typical features of the Provence landscape.

Recognised as a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity, the olive tree and its leaves were used in ancient times by Cretan, Egyptian and Roman women to maintain their youthful looks and shiny soft hair. Rich in potent antioxidants, olive leaf extract is still used in cosmetic products to preserve beauty and protect the skin against sun damage. It keeps normal hair clean and protected while fragrant aroma takes you on a voyage to the heart of the Mediterranean.


Made from cocoa beans from the far reaches of the Ivory Coast, cocoa butter is widely known for its cosmetic properties. It is a gift from the cacao tree, whose red and brown fruit yields seeds that are fermented to remove their bitterness. They are then cleaned, roasted, cracked and separated into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The richness of the butter has a chocolate aroma.


Pure Coconut Oil is India's original hair secret for smoothness. The coconut palm tree and its large coconut fruit grows in abundance across the tropics and its oil is world famous. When the coconut is mature, it is harvested and its oil is extracted from the white flesh using natural processes. Coconut oil is used in beauty and cosmetic products.


Luxurious mother of pearl has long been used in beauty and cosmetics products for its shimmering properties. It is extracted from the pearl shell, which is ground into a fine powder for a 100% natural and biodegradable product.


Floral Cherry Blossom

The cherry tree has a presigious history and has been grown across Europe and Asia since 600 BC. Every year, the flowering of this tree's pink and white blossom is celebrated across Japan. The extract and scent of the delicate flower and its bright red fruit are renowned.