Hair Mask

Get noticed - bring out the best in your look with our hair masks and treatments for dry, damaged hair. Our luxurious Garnier Ultimate Blends hair masks and treatments are formulated to complement your hair care regime by providing a one-off intensive treatment for your dry, damaged hair. Get a radiant shine with the Marvellous Transformer treatment, enjoy days of frizz-fighting smoothness with the Sleek Restorer, experience dazzling colour protection from the Colour Illuminator, and indulge in intense conditioning with the Nourishing Repairer. Let your hair shine with our hair masks and treatments for dry and damaged hair - whatever your hair care needs are, Garnier can handle it.
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  • Almond-Mask-Medium

    ​Argan Oil & Almond Cream For Dry Hair

    Hair Treatment Mask for Dry Unruly Hair

  • Ultimate Blends

    ​Honey Treasures For Fragile Hair

    Honey Strengthening Hair Mask

    Tailor-made for damaged hair prone to breakage.
  • coconut-oil-mask-147x260

    ​Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter For Frizzy Hair

    Smoothing Mask

    Smoothing Hair Mask For Frizzy Hair
  • Delicate-Spray-Medium

    ​Delicate Oat For Sensitive Scalp

    Heat Protection Milk

    Our ultra-light Delicate Soother Oat Heat Protection Hair Milk is perfectly blended to protect your hair from heat styling.
  • Avacado-Mask-Medium

    ​Avocado Oil & Shea Butter For Damaged Hair

    Hair Mask

    Intense care for very dry, damaged hair
  • Weightless nourisher

    Mask Treatment

    Ultimate blend for dried out, brittle hair.
  • Ultimate-Blends-Maple-Healer-Balm-147x260_1

    ​Maple & Castor Oil For Very Damaged Hair


    Our ultimate blend for very damaged hair with Castor Oil & Maple Sap. We have carefully crafted this intensely repairing blend by combining two ingredients:

    - Castor Oil, used for generations for its nourishing and protective properties and rich in essential fatty acids known to give healthy looking hair.

    - Maple Sap extract, an ingredient treasured for its restoring benefits.

    Our creamy and fragrant formula leaves hair feeling stronger and more resistant*, as if repaired. Hair feels intensely revitalised, easier to manage and beautifully soft and shiny from root to tip. No parabens. 

    *Instrumental test: Measured as resistance to breakage after application of shampoo and mask on to bleached hair.

  • Ultimate Blends

    ​Argan Oil & Cranberry For Coloured Hair

    Hair Balm

    A dazzling blend with Moroccan Argan Oil, and North American Cranberry extracts
    Instantly nourishes hair and help protect colour luminosity.
  • coconut-milk-mask-147x260

    ​Coconut Milk & Macadamia For Dry Hair


    Coconut Milk & Macadamia Hair Mask for Dry Hair
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends

    ​Argan Oil & Camellia Oils For Dry, Dull Hair

    Hair Mask Treatment

    Intense care for dry, dull hair. Hair feels nourished and is glowing with a gorgeous, glossy shine