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  • Do you have kids?

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  • Your skin is…

    • Very very light

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  • What describes your attitude in the sun the best:
    • Doing everything to avoid it!

      Heat is not for you, you prefer the freshness of a corner in the shade

    • Comfortable with it

      You like the sun and spend few hours in the sun but don’t tan much

    • Completely addicted to the sun

      Your love is forever

  • When you are protecting your skin from the sun,

    which sun screen format appeals to you most?

    • Oil,

      It has a good fragrance and my skin feels nourished

    • Spray,

      I find it easier to use

    • Lotion,

      Always the classic type

  • To take full advantage of the holiday, you will spend your time:

    • In the city,

      Rooftops, shopping, walking around…

    • At the beach,

      Relaxing and sunbathing

    • Closer to the sun:

      Always on the high mountains

    • Dancing with the water

      Surfing, diving, swimming, anything in the water