As we grow older, our skin gradually loses its plumpness and hydration, especially after menopause.

Why is my skin losing its plumpness?

There are several reasons.
First, the sebum from the all-important sebaceous gland decreases with age. Sebum is necessary for beautiful soft skin as it helps prevent dehydration.

Second, the thickness of our skin actually decreases by 6% every 10 years. The thinner the skin, the more difficult it is to keep hydrated.

Thirdly, after menopause, there is a 2% decrease in production of collagen each year – in particular, collagen I. Elastin starts to build up in the skin and thickens to the point of destruction. The body does not receive the message to make new elastin and the old elastin continues to deteriorate.

The solution to restore mature skin's firmness:

1: Use oils from omega-rich flowers to reform the skin barrier
2: Use essential oils to rebuild the dermis. Studies have shown these oils boost the production of collagen and elastin – up to a 335% increase in the elastin production, and 144% in procollagen.