Radiant skin wards off wrinkles

Garnier targeted research has shown that first wrinkles and dull skin start to appear from the age of 30. 

Feeling stressed? That could be why your complexion is looking a bit dull. Dull skin is directly related to stresses we encounter in everyday life: pollution, fatigue, the sun and our emotions all affect our complexion.

As we get older, free radicals start to attack our skin, accelerating the ageing process and causing the skin to lose its natural lustre. This is when we see the first sign of spots. 

The eyes have it…

You probably don't realise it, but the delicate area around the eye is strained more than 15,000 times a day, with each blink! Unfortunately, this is also the area with the least collagen and elastin support, so it's no wonder that crow's feet are some of the first wrinkles to appear. 

Luckily, there's something you can do about it!

Garnier's solution for radiance and immediate hydration:
Targeted active ingredients:

Action 1: Unwanted shine

- Vitamin CG antioxidant
- Solar filters specially created by our research team
- The perfect combination of mineral pigments to give a clear and complete complexion with a natural finish

Action 2: First wrinkles and blemishes

- Vitamin CG – a soft exfoliant that boosts the production of collagen

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BB Cream: A dull skin saviour!
BB Cream, an all-in-one perfecting moisturizer is your daily companion to help fight the very first signs of ageing.