Garnier Sunscreen & Sun Tan Lotion | Sun Protection | Garnier

When it’s hot, sun protection comes top of everyone’s agenda. Time to make your beauty bag holiday-ready with a sun lotion (or two) from the Garnier Ambre Solaire range. There are dry mist sprays, a sun lotion that’s just for wet skin and a water-resistant sun cream perfect for active kids. And, to keep you looking perfect even when you’re sunbathing, there’s a sun lotion combined with a BB cream which beautifies as well as it protects.

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  • SPF 10 Low
  • SPF 15-20
  • SPF 30 For High Sun Protection
  • SPF50
  • SPF 50+ Very High


  • After Sun
  • Face and Lip
  • Face
  • Kids
  • Sun Cream & Sun Tan Lotion
  • Mist
  • Oil
  • Sun Spray
  • Tanning Body
  • Tanning Face
  • Tanning lotion
  • Tanning Mist
  • Self tanning wipes
  • Travel Size