What is Organic Skincare?

by Garnier Organic

What is an Organic Ingredient?

An organic ingredient is an ingredient produced by organic farming methods. Organic farming consists of agricultural and livestock practices designed to respect the balance of nature. This type of farming excludes the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs as well as limits the use of inputs (substances that are not naturally present in the soil).


What is an Organic Product?

The Garnier Organic range is certified Organic by The Soil Association in the UK, and is in compliance with the COSMOS ORGANIC standard in Europe. Which Guarantees:

  • 95% minimum of natural-origin ingredients.
  • 20% minimum of organic ingredients in the total product (10% for rinse-out products – water and minerals are considered non-organic as they do not come from living organisms).

What is Organic Certification

Organic certification is a procedure by which an independent certifying agency provides written assurances that a product complies with the organic requirements specified in a norm (also known as a standard).


What is the difference between Organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics?

The major difference has to do with the fact that organic cosmetics promote and encourage farming. Organic cosmetics are, above all, part of a certain way of thinking and a certain way of buying.


What Ingredients used in traditonal cosmetics are banned in Organic cosmetics?

The COSMOS ORGANIC standard bans the use of certain ingredients, which, it must be emphasised, have been declared safe and of sound quality by EU regulations.

  • Preservatives: phenoxyethanol, parabens.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Ingredients not produced via processes that respect principals of green chemistry.

Our Commitments

Soil Association Organic
Cosmos Organic
Vegan Formula
No animal derived ingredients or by-products inside
Sourced with respect for biodiversity
Recycle logo
Made with recycled & recyclable packaging

Since 1989, Garnier has been committed to a world without animal testing.

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