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In 2011, thanks to Garnier, the letters “BB” quickly became the worldwide call for perfect skin, accomplishing 5 things at once: hydration, the correction of imperfections, an even tone, the brightening of the complexion and protection against UVs—in one easy step, instantly. No fuss, no bother, no complex, timeconsuming routine: with one product, every day.

With their fast-paced lifestyles and overflowing schedules, women want to trust that their skin is going to look great no matter what, without having to check it and touch up every few hours, and that’s not easy. Between hot weather, humidity, commuting, clothes, collars and hands that rub against their face... their skin has to stand up to and through everything, every day, all day.

That’s why Garnier SkinActive is reinventing its BB cream with a new improved and lifeproof formula that resists these daily challenges for up to 12 hours, leaving skin breathing and perfect in just one gesture. Women are free to go about their day, without having to worry about or keep checking their skin.

Garnier bb cream No1 WORLDWIDE

What does bb stand for ?
what is bb cream ?

  • A new generation of all-in-one skincare.
  • A life-proof cream.
  • A skincare revolution.

To create our BB cream (Blemish Balm), Garnier brings together its expertise in skincare and complexion radiance. Pioneer and N°1 in sales*, Garnier is women’s preferred BB cream throughout the world.

Healthy looking skin
in an instant

Why do we love Garnier BB cream?
Because it’s like us. It does everything at once... and does it well.

Just one application and wow!
My skin is hydrated, pampered and protected. My complexion is natural, luminous and unified. For baby-soft skin; a 5-in-1 miracle!

*Source: Retailer panel data: No.1 for sales (value & units) among BB cream products within 26 countries representing 64% of global GDP, in 2012 and 2013, within mass market