Ambre Solaire Selftan Dry Body Mist Dark

Achieve a natural looking tan with Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Body Mist, a quick-drying self tanning spray by Garnier - with apricot extract.


Product information

No streaks bronzer combines a naturally-derived self-tanning ingredient and apricot extract in a formula that gives your skin a natural-looking golden tan after just 3 hours. It will give you the beautiful glow of a golden tan: streak-free without having to rub in.

If the can becomes blocked, try rinsing it under warm water to remove the blockage (product build up) in the nozzle.

What's inside

Enriched with apricot oil. Its fragrance is fresh on application and leaves you with a beautiful summery perfume. Specially formulated for a natural, tanned results.

Naturally Committed

Garnier is committed to care for people and planet. Our #naturallycommitted campaign aims to do just that. Find out what Garnier are doing now to fulfill this commitment, from a range of our initiatives.