Are you too harsh on your skin?

When you have sensitive, spot prone skin, it’s difficult to find the right skin regime. Products are gentle on skin or effective against spots, but rarely both at once… until now.

Discover the Pure Active Sensitive range, designed for sensitive skin prone to spots and imperfections. A gentle but powerful cleansing and care routine to cleanse without drying out, and reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections while soothing sensitive skin.

Clear Skin Solutions Enriched By Nature

Pure Active Sensitive formulas combine two natural ingredients: Zinc and witch hazel extract, for pure and healthy-looking skin without imperfections or irritation.



This gentle, pure mineral is renowned for its immune boosting properties.

Witch Hazel

Known for its soothing properties, witch hazel has been used for centuries as a skin remedy.


Naturally Committed

Garnier is committed to care for people and planet. Our #naturallycommitted campaign aims to do just that. Find out what Garnier are doing now to fulfill this commitment, from a range of our initiatives.