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Garnier Olia Garnier Olia 6.35 Light Chocolate Brown Permanent Hair Dye

Crafted as a luscious, deep and rich alezan light brown coming from the balanced combination of glowing golden highlights and a hint of mahogany to liven up brown hair. Perfect if you are looking for a more expressive brown tone than shade 6.3. Works perfectly in Autumn and for every kind of skin. Up to 100% grey coverage.

Product information

Buy now Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour features: Shade 6.35 Light Chocolate Brown Hair Colour No Ammonia for a pleasant scent 60% oil powered Up to 100% grey coverage Maximum colour performance Visibly improves the quality of hair Pleasant and easy application with optimal scalp comfort At Garnier, we know that oil can do much more than just condition your hair. When concentrated at the heart of the Olia permanent hair dye formula, oil maximises the colour result. Garnier Olia permanent hair dye is an ammonia free formula for a pleasant scent and powered by 60% oils. The hair colour visibly improved the quality of hair, for better shine and 35% smoother hair**. Olia home hair colour will also provide maximum colour performance for lavish, vivid and long-lasting colour. Plus, a unique sensorial application and optimal scalp comfort with our non-drip smooth velvety texture of the colourant cream. Discover #TheOliaEffect Our Olia consumers share their true love for the brand and the story behind the hair colour. Discover the shade behind each of our Olia stories here Still looking for your hair colour? Find your shade from our wide range of Olia hair colours from blonde hair to red hair to brown hair. Need colour advice? Visit us online to chat with a live colour expert. Choosing your perfect shade: Your hair dye colour result will vary depending on your natural hair colour. If you are deciding between 2 shades, always choose the lightest. HOW TO APPLY? With Olia, colouring your hair is easy and pleasant. Instantly mix the developer and colourant cream in the applicator bottle. Apply the mix. Use the multi-application conditioner to keep your hair feeling soft and looking shiny. After capplicaiton apply Garnier Olia Super Shine Hair Oil for exceptional everyday shine. Always follow the instruction leaflet in the box. HOW TO CARRY OUT AN ALLERGY TEST? ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF USING ANY COLOURANTS PRODUCTS. Watch How To Apply Your 48 Hour Allergy Alert Test at www.becoloursafe.com After 48 hours, please check for any reaction or irritation. If you notice anything, please discontinue use of the product. For more information please visit: www.becoloursafe.com ALWAYS BE COLOUR SAFE, FOR HAIR COLOUR ADVICE PLEASE CALL US ON: UK: 0800 0304 031 ROI: 1800 818 671