We now offer vegan formulas* within our Ultimate Blends haircare range, so you can meet your new #bbf today. 

When we talk about vegan formulas, we mean they do not contain animal derived ingredients or by products, such as honey, milk, beeswax, eggs etc. To be able to claim this, we have followed a rigorous process that also includes suppliers commitment upstream in the manufacturing process.

As well as this we know that you want reassurance that Garnier does not test any products on animals – we don’t, find out everything you need to know here.

We will also keep you in mind when formulating new products, and we do have exciting vegan* blends in the pipeline. Watch this space for new and upcoming blends.

Naturally Committed

Garnier is committed to care for people and planet. Our #naturallycommitted campaign aims to do just that. Find out what Garnier are doing now to fulfill this commitment, from a range of our initiatives.

*Vegan Formula: No animal derived ingredients or by products