Ultimate Blends is sourced from nature and blended with love We learn a lot from nature, and take a wealth of goodness from it. So it's only fair we give something good back. Just as we promise to be good to your hair we promise to be good to the world we live in. We're by no means perfect - there's always more to do - but we are striving to do more every day to help preserve this beautiful planet.


It would be wrong of us to pretend Ultimate Blends comes straight from the bees or the rainforest. We do source the finest natural ingredients and blend them with love but we produce our formulas in factories. Not just any old factories though - factories that have sustainability in mind.

Forget the old idea of smoke-billowing chimneys and ear-shattering production lines. These are carefully-controlled environments more like laboratories than factories, energy efficient with strictly limited emissions and low carbon footprints.