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Winter Skincare Essentials

Learn how to protect your skin in winter with Garnier. Discover how to treat everything from dandruff to dry skin, including dry hands and cracked heels.

Winter is a fantastic time for fashion (layers, layers, layers!), food, festivities, and so much more! But for your skin, it’s a very different story. When the weather outside is truly frightful, it’s so important to give your face, skin, and hair a bit of extra TLC. 

As anyone dealing with the winter skincare blues can confirm, the combination of freezing temperatures outside and the dry air inside isn’t the kindest climate for dry skin. Plus, flaky scalp and cracked heels tend to make an appearance as the colder months draw on. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Find out everything you need to know about winter skincare worries, and how Garnier’s unique products can help show them to the door. 

Winter skincare concerns 

Here’s a little more information about some of the key winter skincare problems – from dry and dehydrated skin to dandruff and cracked heels – and, more importantly, how you can take care of them. 


Dry and dehydrated skin

When the humidity drops outside, your skin tends to dry out, which is why it may feel tighter and more uncomfortable in the winter months. It might sound dramatic, but your skin cells literally die out faster in the winter. In addition to dry skin, cold weather may make your skin flakier than usual, while also causing it to dehydrate. 

There are lots of products you can use to take care of dry skin. Firstly, make sure that you’re using a gentle cleanser like Garnier’s Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk with Rose Water, as it’s for dry skin. Given that dehydration is such a significant problem in the wintertime, Garnier’s Organic Argan Hydrating Mist is a wonderful way to keep your dehydrated skin refreshed and glowy. 

Top tip: hot water can dehydrate your skin, especially if you aren’t moisturising after your skin comes into contact with it. During the wintertime, it’s natural to want to take lots of hot showers and baths, but it may be counterproductive for anyone dealing with dry skin.


Cracked heels and hands

Rough, cracked heels can be a drag as winter approaches, and while no-one’s likely to be seeing your heels when you’ve got big cold-weather boots on, these types of cracks aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world. Garnier’s body lotion range can be just the thing for anyone looking to put their foot down on cracked heels. Why not try Garnier’s Honey Treasures Restoring Butter, a nourishing lotion that’s tailor-made for dry skin? 

Of course, dry hands can also be an issue in the winter, particularly if you’re wearing gloves all the time or you’re washing your hands more regularly to stop yourself from getting sick. Consider the Intensive 7 Days Aloe Vera Hand Cream, perfect for hydrating dry hands. For a little more information about caring for dry hands, check out our helpful guide. 
Top tip: in winter, it’s perfectly acceptable to exfoliate less often, especially if you have very dry hands and skin (as the cold air and dryness can compromise the skin barrier). 


Dandruff and flaky scalp

Finally, let’s talk about dandruff and flaky scalps. Because of indoor heating, the wintertime can make your dry scalp dry out even more, leading to more pronounced issues with dandruff and flaky scalps. Once again, Garnier to the rescue! The Ultimate Blends Mythic Olive Oil Shampoo is fantastic for anyone dealing with dry, damaged, or brittle hair. 

Garnier also has a range of hair oils for dry and dull hair. Leaving your hair with a gleaming shine and exceptional suppleness, the Argan Oil and Camelia Glow Oil is perfect for dealing with dandruff and dry hair.

Need to know more about some of Garnier’s great products for combating winter skincare worries? Check out our full range of products for dry skin right here.