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Why Is My Hair So Dry?

If you've ever wondered about the best way to deal with dry hair, then wonder no more. Our tips range from coconut hair oil treatment to Shea butter.

External aggressions or brittleness...dry hair is often considered difficult to look after. Here are the 5 commandments to make looking after dry locks a walk in the park.

Thou shalt space out thy washes
Generally, dry hair is a sign of a lack of sebum, which acts as a natural protecting agent. Shampooing too frequently can cause sebum to be washed away and leave your locks stripped of their natural oils. The best solution is, therefore, to space out your washes to once every three days. Gone 2 days and can't wait any longer? Try dry shampoo or a coconut oil hair treatment to solve your bad hair day.

Thou shalt use shampoos and masks designed for thy hair type
Dry locks also tend to be lacking in hydration. Banish dryness by opting for shampoos, hair masks for dry hair, detanglers and specifically designed creams that are rich in nourishing properties such as those based around Shea butter or almond, macadamia and jojoba oil, which act as a dose of moisture for super dry hair. Products with natural ingredients have long since proved themselves to be the best. We recommend Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter Intensive Hair Treatment Mask from their Sleek Restorer range for dry, frizzy hair.

Thou shalt not over use thy hair dryer
The heat created by your hair dryer is highly damaging and harmful. The same applies to curling irons and straighteners. As much as possible, try to air dry whenever you can. If you really can't live without using your blow dryer, lower the temperature and keep it on a medium heat level. As for your post-wash routine, start by towel drying (without rubbing too vigorously) to absorb most of the water, meaning you can use a lighter setting on your blow dryer afterwards.

Thou shalt use the correct styling products for thy hair type
To strengthen and also protect your dry hair when styling, opt for products, creams and/or serums labelled ‘dry?' or ‘damaged?'. Your locks will thank you later!

Thou shalt eat more fruit and veg and drink more water
There is a noticeable link between what's on your plate and the appearance of your locks. Try to keep in mind that a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, is just as good for your hair as it is for your body. Likewise, how hydrated your style is also depends on how many glasses of water you manage to drink each day. So, don't scrimp on your daily intake of water and remain hydrated all day long to see visible results.