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The Best Hairstyles for a Round Face

Discover the best haircuts and styles to compliment your face shape. Explore all the beauty tips and advice on Hair Care for different types of hair, by Garnier.

Short hair and a round face

The haircuts that best flatter round faces are the styles that give the illusion of length rather than accentuating their natural round shape. 

Short hair doesn’t usually suit a round face, but if you are desperate to try out that pixie cut then ask your stylist to cut in layers. Avoid blunt straight cuts as this will accentuate the roundness of your face. 


Medium-length hairstyles for a round face

Shoulder length styles, whether straight or curly, are some of the most beautiful for women with round faces. The length elongates the face just enough, and if you pair it with choppy layers it will also create texture and soften the cut. 


Long hair and a round face

Long hair looks beautiful on women with round faces especially styles that fall a few inches below the chin. Long hair elongates the face and long feathered bangs create texture and blend together well. Waves are a particularly flattering hairstyle for those with round faces.
Long curly styles are ideal for people with round faces. If you have naturally curly hair, get it cut into long layers so it doesn’t end up too puffy. Ensure the shortest layer is longer than your chin.


Hair partings for a round face

Partings can work particularly well for this face shape but if you go for a centre part, make sure your hairdresser cuts your hair into choppy layers around the face. This will make it less harsh and appear longer. 


Up-do hairstyles for a round face

Volume heavy up dos are also a great choice of haircut for round faces. The height gives the illusion that the face is longer than it is. An up do with a quiff is a great way to show off some bold eye make up.

If you have a round face, you have a wide choice of flattering cuts available to you. However, it is best to avoid shorter hairstyle or cuts that make your face look wider. Up-dos, which add height, or longer styles with feathered edges and choppy layers will best complement your face shape. These types of hairstyles are fun, create texture and balance out the face to highlight the eyes and lips. Choppy, tousled hairstyles are bang on trend at the moment so if you opt for one you will look like you have your finger firm on the fashion pulse.

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