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The Best Hair Colours For Brown Hair

What are the best hair colours for brown hair? Discover all the beauty tips and advice on Hair Colour for different hair types, by Garnier.

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Looking to spice up your look? Brown hair colour offers a fantastic range when it comes to choosing a great colour. Read on for some great ideas on what colours you could try out at home.

We’ve all been there. Are you tired of your same old hair colour but nervous about picking the wrong dye and making a real fashion faux-pas? One that could take months to correct? We are here to reassure you: brunettes needn’t worry at all. Here we will look at the best hair colours for brown hair guaranteed to match your complexion, and the choice is almost unlimited!

Fantastic ideas for spicing up brown hair colours

If you look closely at your hair in the light, you will see that it is full of different shades, with glints of perhaps more copper or blond in different lights. This is why Garnier hair colour is not simple, block colour. Whether you are looking for a rich coppery colour or a deep silky black, the end result will be just as complex as your natural hair.

While it is always possible to go for a full transformation to blond or red, these processes sometimes take time and can be daunting. Garnier hair dyes have a great advantage: you can play with modern trends like highlights, dip dye or ombre hair to enhance, not eradicate, your naturally gorgeous brunette tones.

For chocolatey brown eyes and olive complexions, deep red-mahogany highlights framing the face and flooding the tips can really bring out the warm skin tones and create a sultry, glamorous look. If you are lighter-skinned you can really brighten up your brown hair colour with an edgy blond dip dye or ombre hair style for a youthful beachy look that is funky yet natural. A dramatic look can be achieved with a deep black-brown ombre hair. Perhaps not for the faint of heart or very fair skin!

Try out the Garnier shade finder for expert advice on the best hair colours for brown hair, or read the Garnier article “Hair colour ideas for chestnut hair.

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