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The Beauty Of Using New Express Retouch Root Concealer By Garnier

Discover Garnier’s new root concealer, the Express Retouch; a hair touch up essential that is perfect for a grey cover up or a colour boost.

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Human beings are incredible. Why? Because we can learn a quite staggering range of skills. From the moment we’re born, we learn how to eat and drink, how to crawl, how to walk and then run, how to catch things, how to organise things, and how to repair things.

Our remarkable dexterity is fairly crucial to our success; try asking a bear to open a jar of marmalade (even Paddington struggles with that!). Opposable thumbs allow us to craft and use all kinds of tools that most of the animal kingdom would consider a waste of space: pencils, scissors, cars, tape measures, smartphones, TV remote controls, high powered pressure washers – the list goes on…

Human beings are also the only animals to use cosmetics, unless you count hippos in mud baths, which we won’t. Perhaps, you’re one of those human beings that carry around cosmetics every day; you know, ‘just in case’.

Let’s speculate; in your handbag, right now, you’ve got some… mascara, a lipstick (or two?), hand cream, lip balm, a compact or foundation of some kind, a make-up brush, maybe even a hairbrush, almost certainly a mirror, perhaps a small phial of your favourite perfume, a nail-file, definitely a nail-file, tweezers (they're always handy), a small can of hairspray and, if you can squeeze it in, an eyeliner pencil?

And then there's that reserve stash in your desk drawer at work, a few bits and pieces in the glove box of the car that can easily be decanted into a coat pocket or a clutch bag; again, ‘just in case’.

We’re not judging you; we're admiring your foresight, it's quite an armoury you have there. Although now, you might need to find room for another handy little tool: a root concealer.

When your grey roots make their mind up to embarrass you in public, they will. Perhaps, if you have a hairbrush or comb, you might be able to avoid a tell-tale centre parting, but other than that, you’re in trouble without a hair touch up or grey cover up. And anyone who has ever tried touching up rogue grey hairs with mascara – you know who you are – knows it’s a futile exercise that can go horribly wrong.

So, hallelujah for the grey cover up Express Retouch by Garnier.

It’s our latest beauty essential, but it’s still a tool that needs to be used properly, so those opposable thumbs will definitely come in handy. It may be genius and it comes in a bottle, but it’s not a genie in a bottle – you still have to do some of the work.

How to use Express Retouch root concealer — Shake, Apply and Brush

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to a high street chemist and choose the shade closest to your existing hair colour. There are five to choose from – black, dark brown, mid to light brown, dark blonde and light blonde.
  2. Shake the bottle (with the lid on!) to soak the cushion applicator (a rounded sponge attached to the lid).
  3. Remove the lid and your cushion applicator will be moist with dye.
  4. Now paint. Apply the cushion applicator to your roots by flattening your hair, being careful to avoid dyeing your scalp. Start from the back of the head and work towards the front. Apply on the temples by holding the strands tight.
  5. Wait 2 to 3 minutes for the dye to air dry or blow dry if you're at home.
  6. Brush through for a natural result.
  7. Go and enjoy life.

That's it. It really is that easy. And it’ll last until your next hair wash. In fact, you can use this hair touch up gem as often as you like between colouring sessions. It’ll also save you money if you're one of those people who visits your salon every week or so to get your roots touched up professionally. 

It’s a great size (and lightweight too, important for those of us with a lot of handbag paraphernalia), it’s not expensive to buy, it doesn’t smell nasty, there's no mess and the applicator means you can be very precise with your hair touch up. 

Yes, we humans are clever indeed; give yourself a pat on the back.

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