How to Take Care of Dry, Brittle Hair at Home

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Our hair is made up of two major parts: the root and the hair shaft. The shaft is the part of our hair we can see; the long strand that comes out from the scalp. The outer shell of the shaft is called the cuticle.

When hair is in good condition, the cuticle is highly resistant to wear and tear and also acts as a shield against external aggressions. 

What’s hurting our hair?

During the average hair growth cycle of 3 to 6 years, our hair is exposed to many environmental stresses such the sun and humidity. However, it’s not just the environment that impacts our hair – we also do a lot of work to maintain it, such as brushing, washing, drying and even using repeated chemical treatments.

So what is happening to our hair? All these things are actually changing the appearance of the hair fibre.

‘Normal’ or ‘healthy’ hair is usually soft, shiny, silky, strong and full of life. However, every day we subject our hair to these routines that can damage our locks, making them dry, dehydrated and even prone to breaking.

Take care with your hair

Everyday styling can harm our hair. Think about it: how many times a day do you brush, wash, pull and comb your hair? And what about using a hair dryer, straightener or even just tight elastics? No wonder our hair ends up damaged and weakened.

Dyeing, bleaching and permanent straightening all aim to change the colour or state of our hair. However, these treatments also contain chemical components that can alter the hair fibre in the long run. Add this to the daily stresses of life and our hair is literally at breaking point!

Beware of brittle hair…

Brittle hair is another sign that your hair is dry and dehydrated. While you might only see it as a strand of hair breaking off, it’s actually much more serious.

The hair cuticle is a major part of the fibre’s strength. Therefore, the more the cuticle is damaged or altered, the more hair becomes fragile and prone to breaking.