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10 Steps Towards A Glowing Winter Sun Tan That Lasts!

Learn 10 steps towards a glowing winter Sun tan that lasts! Discover all the beauty tips and advice on Sun Protection for different types of skin, by Garnier

Dreading that pasty winter look? Not a fan of panda eyes? It is possible to build up, and maintain, a beautiful sun tan during your winter holiday.

• Exfoliate first
Take an evening out for a real pampering session and give your skin a refreshing exfoliation treatment before you start your tanning process. This will ensure the tan goes deeper and the tanned cells won’t just drop off within days.

• Then avoid razors and scrubs
Of course, once you start to build up a tan, you need to avoid exfoliating and using wet razors. Opt for electric razors that don’t remove unnecessary amounts of skin cells and keep that tan for longer. Hot baths and showers are also a sure-fire way to lose your tan, so grit your teeth and brave some lukewarm washes!

• Start early
Take steps early to build up a tan by applying a top self-tanning product. Have a look at the fabulous range on offer from Garnier in its Ambre Solaire self-tanning selection.

•Slow wins the race
Remember that the time it takes to build your tan is equivalent to how quickly you will lose it. So building up a bronzed colour over time means the tan is deeper, and will last for longer.

• Moisturise more
We cannot emphasise this point enough: moisturising your skin not only keeps it healthy, but keeps your tanned skin cells from flaking off. Your tan will last longer!

• Tanning moisturisers
With this in mind, there are some fabulous self-tanning moisturisers out there now that can help you care for your skin while building up a great natural-looking tan.

• Hydrate
And it’s not only moisturiser that ensures your skin stays hydrated, but your own water consumption, too. Make sure you drink water often to keep your whole body nourished and keep that tan glowing!

• Feed your tan
It may sound like a gimmick, but there are actually certain foods that can help boost, even enhance your tan. Eating carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe will give you a healthy dose carotene. This is known to give your skin a natural tint, and “superfood” kale has been proven to give skin a natural glow.

• Skincare right up into the night
Once on the slopes, don’t forget to follow ski sunscreen during the day with lashes of after sun, reducing any potential burning and keeping your skin healthy and tanned.

• Don’t sacrifice sun cream for a tan
If you take away just one tip from this list, let it be this: no matter how desperate you are for a tan, never skimp on sun block. If you burn, you will only destroy any tan you had managed to build up!